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World of Gunships Online Game
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World of Gunships is the most immersive online helicopter battle action game has arrived on Google Play! Take control of the powerful combat helicopters in this free-to-play PVP action game. Featuring stunning 3D graphics combined with intuitive controls and unforgettable flying experience!

More than 20 battle helicopters with a high variety of weapons and equipment.
Highly customizable gunship with machine guns, guided missiles, heat traps, camouflage and decal types.

Visit the world well known locations to play instant PVP gunship battles with other players from all over the world! Up to 8 players online per battle in ‘Deathmatch’ and ‘Team Deathmatch’ game modes.

★ Complete missions in Episode mode inspired by real-life conflicts.
★ Realtime multiplayer PVP non-stop action.
★ Realistic 3D graphics and stunning visual effects.
★ Only 55 MB with no additional download!
★ 5 unique world arenas.
★ 22 war birds to pilot.
★ Lots of equipment and cool camouflages.
★ Controls optimized for 3D flight on mobile phone or tablet.
★ Tilt controls and Gamepad support.
★ Bonus Survival Mode for practice against AI.
★ Original soundtrack!

Internet connection required!
If you enjoy FPS, shooting, or racing games, this is the perfect game for you.
You'll find yourself whirling through the skies across intense crossfire.

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World of Gunships Online Game APK reviews

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Marko Coric review Marko Coric
You ruined this game with new update sucks
Controls are fast.have to get used to it.thinkit will be good after that
Ezyez Star review Ezyez Star
Has really got some awesome potential. But not there yet. Cannot wait for more updates and hope you may be able to encore some of these things below :)
1… The app does reset after PvP match most times. 2… When finished the game and the score comes up you can't move for a few seconds while reading K/D score but you still can get killed witch adds to K/D. 3… Every PvP is only one match (may be having 1,2 or 3 round option, first person to get 15,20 or 25 kills or something of the sort aswell, 4…having to search for your own created server after each round isnt good.
the tnilf review the tnilf
Problem fixed. Well done
??? to much ads.
Aqdas Ansari review Aqdas Ansari
What the hell!
My in-game currency was gone, my diamonds are gone and I'm demoted from rank 6 to rank 5. My one gunship is locked again. Please help me in restoring my game data otherwise I'm only having an option to uninstall.? ? ?
Need more chopper! CAIC Z-10
Jon Riley review Jon Riley
Awesome game but......
Had 30000 bucks and 300 in jems one day. The next time I logged into play it was all gone
luke channon review luke channon
Needs an invert controls function
Jyoti Ranjn Mandal review Jyoti Ranjn Mandal
Vry Nice
Gives a real Gunship combat xperience
Judas smith review Judas smith
The update is horrible
jack cripz review jack cripz
Great game
This game is very awesome but I just updated this game and when I opened it some of my money and gems are missing and i was so close to leveling up to level 10 and it some how reset my experience points and now I'm back to level 8 ?? plus the level 9 gunship that I was using last night which I bought its locked again and I need to buy it again please fix this.
Ribwar Majeed review Ribwar Majeed
Realy good game
Ernie Webber review Ernie Webber
Fantastic Fun
This game is one word " FUN" the graphics are superb, nice and fluid with no lag issues. I really like the way they have the rubies for videos setup. You actually get a decent amount of rubies for one video. Not like other game makers. The controls take a bit getting used to. Tilt controls would make a huge improvement. An actual cockpit view would make this the ultimate Helocopter simulator. A single player storyline would be great and some instructions would be very helpful too. GREAT WORK EVERYBODY!!
Matt Mosher review Matt Mosher
Needs tilt!
Really needed a new game to play and I found it. Good graphics. Lots of choppers, missles, machine guns. Well made. Runs very smooth. No tilt option yet but i can see its coming soon. Wish it had some different view options and really wish it had single player story mode. Still a great game. Hurry up on the tilt controls devs. You get 5 when that happens.
imran alam review imran alam
Need help
D game is excellent no doubt ! Its vry easy to play too.. Dat makes it more interesting. I have been playing dis game continuously bt aftr d latest update it throws me out of d game to d main menu . help