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Volume Booster
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Volume Booster gives you the best and easiest way to control all your volumes of your phone's audio devices:
* Quick boost with one tap on the button.
* Quick configuration of the volumes of Ring, Notification, Voice call, Media, Alarm and System.
* Switch to silent or vibration mode with just one touch.
* Remember the settings and adjust the volumes automatically when your phone is turned on.
* Remember the settings with or without headset and adjust the volumes when your headphone is plug in or pull out.

Volume Booster APK reviews

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Leslie Harry Tindale review Leslie Harry Tindale
Installed for about 2 weeks, ring volume still turned down for no known reason so I have missed calls and messages as I have not heard the phone ring.
Really helps when you have hearing problems..
James Brokenshire review James Brokenshire
Love this app simple and easy to use
ian inoc review ian inoc
T.y. (",)
Very usefull app.
Paul Testa review Paul Testa
This app increases volume ofcalls enough for me to hear callers without needing to use the speakerphone feature which I had to use prior to installing this app. Thanks for giving. me my phone back!!!
Michael Reilly review Michael Reilly
Works very well for me
Android smartphone
king Moses review king Moses
I don't feel that it enhanced the speaker sound on my Samsung j7.
Angie Smith review Angie Smith
I love this app?
haha, dunno how it got on me tab, and normally me no likey you no ask me first.?dammit.? but I was pleasantly surprised, nice work, friend.?
Roger Bellinger review Roger Bellinger
It's an ok app.
tasie nwankwo review tasie nwankwo
It nice and it work the way I want
Janay Hill review Janay Hill
Manages all the different volume tone levels my phone sounds. (eg speaker, notifications, ringtone, etc). The design/layout has visual appeal. Easy to operate and read. A+ job lovekara! Very very very rarely do I give out this kinda rating unless it's truly deserved.... #jussayin
Patricia Mckinney review Patricia Mckinney
This doesn't work at all! Not a good app.
I am uninstalling. It was only able to increase the volume for two of my volumes but I was not able to increase the volume for Media, which is the main one I needed to increase!!
Frank Zimmerman review Frank Zimmerman
In the two weeks that I have been using this app I have to say it is really great because everything including my calls, my voicemail and my music is much louder