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TaxiForSure book taxis, cabs
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TaxiForSure is a travel experience provider that helps you book a cab in the simplest way possible. Download our free app to get a safe, reliable cab, anywhere, anytime! Be it airport transfer or just an in-city ride, book a cab from your TaxiForSure app with just a few taps. We make sure a taxi driven by a professional chauffeur arrives at your door on time. No more haggling with rickshaws, no more waiting for your call to be answered. Save time and money with our affordable rates and get quick access to thousands of cars driven by our friendly and informed chauffeurs across India.

All taxis can be requested for immediate or future pickups. Simply choose the taxi you like, instantly receive your driver details, track the taxi to your address, and pay after completion of the trip. You can view your travel history, modify or cancel trips, save your favorite locations and even go cashless with our wallet options. Share the tracking link through SMS/ Whatsapp/ Email and let your loved ones track you through your journey. The in-trip SOS alert facility helps you notify emergency contacts and local authorities if required.

Now the TaxiForSure App also allows you to book an Ola Micro, available at just Rs. 6/km. It also allows you to link and use you Ola Money wallet for Micro rides booked on the TaxiForSure app.

Advantages of Using the App:

• Easy Booking Process
• Wide range of car categories
• Most affordable rates
• Cashless travel with wallet
• Airport transfers, City rides.
• Save money and time
• Trained chauffeurs

Booking a taxi has never been easier!

TaxiForSure book taxis, cabs APK reviews

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aditya agarwal review aditya agarwal
Worst Like thieves
TFS are thieves. Their drivers starts the ride without customer being in the cab, do not pick the phones, and never reach at customer place. Customer care of TFS apologies and promise you to return the money but never do.
Karishma Gaur review Karishma Gaur
Too many issues
I'm a frequent traveller and cabs are convenient. But only when they are clean, comfortable, cool and on time. TFS can't manage these features well. The drivers are very strange and mostly new to Delhi. They don't really understand GPS and keep asking the way. I can enjoy two songs on the way to work with TFS. Also, their cars are dirty and hot and old. I dunno, I keep thinking I'm gonna give them a chance and I'm always disappointed.
Navneet Singh review Navneet Singh
No cabs available at time of booking
I have been trying to book taxi since days but still there's no taxi available at any time..worst app ever....why u people can't rename your app like taxi not sure..
VICTOR Sharma review VICTOR Sharma
Worst of worst company
In Simple words don't book with taxi for sure in any cost .
Sailesh Choyal review Sailesh Choyal
Notify much ?
I don't want your stupid notifications and offers all day. A notification about an offer once in 4-5 days is OK, but so many notifications in a day is intolerable. There isn't even an option in the app to turn of those promotions.
Harsha LN review Harsha LN
Not sure if taxiforsure or reasonforsure. :P 70% of the time your drivers give me reasons after booking. They're either lazy; or they're lazy. :P This is plain sick. I've lost so much patience that I don't have anymore patience to lose. You'll reply asking me for the CRN number. But hey, that won't help because you guys need cleansing from the inside and not the [email protected]$$hole kind of cleaning. I'm sorry for using the kind of words I used. But I'm pissed so bad!
SriMunishvar MG review SriMunishvar MG
Very worst....
Driver didn't came to the location and took money from my account... He is not picking the call... Very worst behaviour....
Harshit Gupta review Harshit Gupta
No Taxi for sure .. I booked a cab for 6 PM and till 7 PM I was waiting and the driver numbers that come in the application are all wrong ..Worst experience ever.
Rantim Chatterjee review Rantim Chatterjee
New User! Good Experience!
Had 2 rides from TFS till yet and their service is good enough, cabs came on time and drivers are courteous indeed. Although those hated comments seems legit enough and they are good in their own way, there's is no point of comparing them with ola or uber, they play healthy competition and someone has to be better to stand that doesn't means TFS doesn't serve well. Happy TFS'er.
Siddharth Verma review Siddharth Verma
Just qualified to be good
App was showing taxi has arrived but taxi was 5 min was pretty confusing...ride was comfortable but at the end of journey the coupon was not applied n i had to pay all...but by the end of the night i got a cash back message...i was confused since it was a discount coupon not a cash back coupon...but taxi fr sure is giving offers daily which is a good news for daily users...I would say the services can be better...right now its just ok or just qualifying to be good
Nagaraj. C review Nagaraj. C
You people only give the title for this
Bloody administration... your driver muthuram took 500 Rs for 234 rs.. He Just returned 100Rs as he said he was no change to give. Even I believed him n told to give me the next day... from 10th I have called him more than 20 times. He just put my no in reject mode. Still I have to receiv a balance from u people of total 166 Rs. If you really care about your customers. 1st take necessary action against him... There are lot of services  in bangalore even ola also. But have chosen your service.
Abhishek Vyas review Abhishek Vyas
Not up to the Mark
I was fan of Taxi for Sure but disappointed. I was not able to book my taxi from remote location i.e. I am trying to book train from Vadodara railway station while traveling in train headed to Vadodara. App not allowed to do that. It is scanning my current location only. Please improve.
Deepak Varshney review Deepak Varshney
Worst cab service i have ever seen!!
They are just harrassing the customers. After you reach the destination, they will overcharge the money fron you on name of tax.. Worst experience ever.. Prefer uber or ola.. They are much better than this..
Amit Baghel review Amit Baghel
Unsure taxi service
I booked a cab on 12 sep 2015 with confirmed booking id TFS-PP-C31356183, but to my surprise cabbie didnt pick up my phone and cut it atleast 5 times and didn't call back, ultimately i had to miss my train. Pathetically unreliable service. STAY AWAY FROM CHEATERS.
aina jain review aina jain
I tried to register i didn't got the verification code till 5 mins after getting then i entered the code it was showing a message not able to connect with network trying fix issue. Even i was connected with hw can i login and take ride?