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Stay in touch with people all over the world through a Live Video Broadcast! Join over 400
million people on Tango and start live streaming now.

Tango is a messaging app with the best-quality global video service, and now you can watch and create live stream videos, broadcasting your life for the world to see.

Don’t just video call, have fun while you do it! Send stickers or photos, add filters, and play games while on a live call with friends and family, and access special masks as you live stream to people around the world - for free!

Be a star, get gifts from fans and redeem them for real cash to earn easy money!

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Amanda Brown review Amanda Brown
Without tango it would be so much harder to keep my relationship going. We live in different states at the moment so in between visits we use tango to be able to see one another. :)
sagar sidhart review sagar sidhart
I rated it a 5 stars, but am facing a huge problem, new feeds aren't loading at all and can't even receive tango message neither can I download the pictures I like too much, I am not in my contact with the love of my life for previous 5days, pls help pls pls pls Thnk you very much. Maybe the problem is that it freezes a lot since the following things started
Tina Gurule review Tina Gurule
I love this app. I get to see who I'm calling and know what's going on. Never drops call and I can send emojis and play games
Lynn Yrastorza review Lynn Yrastorza
Help me I have problem this app I need to unstall and install to make better the connection its headache for me if I do it always unstall & install because if talk to someboday we can't understand its other longtime I use this app and I realy like it, but I incounter this now .so pls fix this problem this a big save for me to call myfamily so pls fix it pls!!!!!thank you so much to fix the problem
Terrel Smith review Terrel Smith
My tango experience
I really enjoy having this app! Although most people tend to focus on the negative side of things, I like to focus on the positive. By all means, how could you complain about something that's FREE which allows you to communicate and see and talk to your friends/love ones/ etc. From a long distance away. I'm out of town for 8 weeks doing business and this app allows me to see and talk to my wife and kids daily. Although there are a few MINOR hiccups, it's a joy to have.
Crystal Landry review Crystal Landry
Really neat so my daughter can see her 9 month old because she is away at school
Patricia Cistrunk review Patricia Cistrunk
I tired it the first time and I deleted it because the app was sending a message to everybody in my contact and I was tired of being cursed out by some of the peoples in my contact because the app was sending messages telling them it was from me and to download the Tango app. I tried it once more but this time no more taking control of my contacts and no messages to the people's in my contact about downloading Tango and my video chats are crystal clear I love to video chat..I love Tango...I rate FIVE STARS
ryan slagle review ryan slagle
Awesome app!
My sweet babydoll travels often for her job. Being able to see each other while she's away is awesome and a treat for us both. Love this app!!
Oso Negro review Oso Negro
The games suck, but I'm glad I get face time with my family. Especially with Mr being away in the Army. Make some better games to play while on chat!
Kali Johnson review Kali Johnson
Best video chat ever!
For those of who cannot afford Apple iphones & ipods to facetime this is definitely the next best thing! My daughter was able to see & chat with her dad in Florida whom she misses very much. This service is truly a blesssing!
Patty Cantillo review Patty Cantillo
Great app. Love the balls wroth ability to play games. Only downfall is inability to connect with blue tooth device
Tehreem mano review Tehreem mano
Tango mango
I liked it but it has to be upgrade
Fighter Bull review Fighter Bull
Take time to respond
It takes time for the apps to respond. Sometime we cannot call or even sent message because the apps freeze..solve the prblm quickly thank you
Karen Fraser review Karen Fraser
Love it except for one thing
When I'm calling my friends they sound like a robot and the quality is bad it also freezes a lot but beside that the music and pictures and texting is amazing love the app just fix video call
Andrew Mottram review Andrew Mottram
Latest Aug 2015 version is pathetic.
Trying to emulate Tinder. Used to be a great app until they introduced the swipe operation on discover people nearby. I will not be using it anymore.