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SwampWater Live Wallpaper
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SwampWater is a free live wallpaper that creates a living, microscopic world right in your phone. Watch squishy critters swim around and interact with each other in random ways.

SwampWater was written for fun as my first Android project, which is why it's free, with no dodgy permissions. Enjoy.

SwampWater Live Wallpaper APK reviews

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Sam Brouwer review Sam Brouwer
Been using this background for years
My favorite go to background. An install on every device. 5 stars, no ads, no bull. Appreciate it developers!
Jess Kruk review Jess Kruk
As a science nerd, it brings a smile to my face every time someone says "ewww!" when they pick up my phone. Great graphics & the swamp life swims & irks around with excellent detail. Seems like it uses minimal battery, I see no battery draining issues with my Galaxy Note 3. AWESOME APP!!!! :-)
A Google User review A Google User
Oldy but a goody
Just put this on my Nexus 6 to see how it would look. Surprised it looks amazing!
Michael Conlin review Michael Conlin
Definitely would be cool to have more organisms and maybe some endocytosis in future updates but great job!
Minh Luan review Minh Luan
It is briliant with highest quality renderable on my tablet xperia Z2 1080p screen and high dpi. More briliant with different layers on and out of focus. Color setting can't be missing for different themes. And we all love it because there is no special permissions required! If I can do such an app, I will share it without any special permissions requiring too!
Kate Oboe review Kate Oboe
Really cool!!
This is an amazing live wallpaper, slightly gross but still amazing! I'd love it if I could choose how many/what type of bacteria you could choose, but otherwise its fantastic :D
xisobelx373 review xisobelx373
I love this wallpaper...
But..it drains my battery so fast that i cannot use it. I would love to have it; but, i dont want to charge up every few hours. I ♡caustic.and want to supporr y but. Cannot at present
Vivek Saini review Vivek Saini
Sony Xperia arc
Incidentally, I was checking other apps by u when I suddenly landed on this one. I liked it instantly. Soon m gonna install ur music softwares too.. Must say, m already a fan of urs :)
Jon Boutell review Jon Boutell
Exactly what it says on the tin. Really nice looking live wallpaper. I would happily pay a quid or two for more customisation options! Perhaps update so that the bacteria is a bit smarter and the microbes perform mitosis? Would love to see some action other than different shapes floating around.
Adam Townend review Adam Townend
Possibly the best wallpaper I've ever had. Though its sad there might never be an update. A bacterium/viral one would be the only way to better it.
Jay Powell review Jay Powell
Excellent and Fun
Ive been using this background for three years now, across two different phones, and it still hasnt lost its touch. A great choice for anyone, so long as they arent afraid of microorganisms.
Robert Parsley review Robert Parsley
The Best!!
Absolutely, hands down, the most fantastic "live" wallpaper I jave ever downloaded!!! No joke. I could just waych this for hours. Thanks to the genius minds that put this together!
Anton Mustokov review Anton Mustokov
Good job
I've been using it for several months, but it's still my favourite lwp. Never annoying. I'd like to thank devs)
Sean Packwood review Sean Packwood
So great!!!
This is a fantastic love wallpaper, very simple, but very original. The movements are perfect.
Corey Schulz review Corey Schulz
Just what I was looking for!!
This live wallpaper is awesome. I just wish the cells had more interations. Have more updates! Great app but can be better. Keep up the good work! :)