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Super White
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It’s time to have a new adventure with Super White!
\nSuper White is a little white man who want’s to go forward, would you like to help him by playing this game?\n

It\'s easy to play, just touch the screen to let Super White climb, be aware of the ladder\'s length which will be increasing as you touch the screen. Then release your finger to stop the climbing\nand let him fall onto the next spot. Make sure the length of the ladder is correct when you release your finger, and improve your distance measuring ability of your eyes to get more scores!


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Tom Crump review Tom Crump
Holy Advertising Inundation WhiteMan!
Game is ok. But an intrusive ad every 3 or 4 games? Any company that sees how irritating and annoying that is would be crazy to participate in such consumer pain. UNINSTALLED.
dillip mohanty review dillip mohanty
Game's fun but advertisements degrade it's quality
Five stars for the game itself but advertisements lessen them by two. Periodic and irritating interrupting advertisements make it appear junk to the user. Otherwise game is super simple and mind blowing.अच्छा है।
Cathy review Cathy
Fun..would have given a rating of 5 but didn't get to play for two whole minutes before i kept getting constantly interrupted for a rating....maybe give a person a chance to actually play the game before insisting on a rating .....i am adding at this time after playing for awhile now that i love the game but the constant ads make me want to just uninstall it. Also it would be a great improvement if u could try each ladder without having to tap the button to go back every time. Please make improvements !!
Addictive Game!!! A+++
Very simple but you need to pay close attention and be aware of your abilities to estimate or you will end up in the hole!!!!! Overall it's fun if you are winning or losing!!!
Raajastra Harish review Raajastra Harish
Loved it but ads annoying
Remove ads, I will install again n rate 5.
Robert Young review Robert Young
Super white
Cute. Don't like that it wants me to log into my Google acct.