Snake Xenzia Rewind 97 Retro APK

Snake Xenzia Rewind 97 Retro
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Classic Snake game is very famous in many years, especially in feature phones. The Snake original was invented many years ago (1974) by a Russian developer and then become most played arcade game on mobile in decades. It is also called "yılan","ثعبان","เกมงู","스네이크","مار","スネーク","贪吃蛇","Rắn săn mồi","Змейка Классическая" in many languages.

Nokia 1110i is my very 1st mobile phone and in my mind, it is the most successful feature phone of Nokia. From 1997 to 2006 and many years later, I and my generation were crazy by playing Snake Xenzia on dumb phone Nokia 1110i.

That time, Snake Xenzia Classic was like a storm that infuse a new wave in our high school. Everyone who have a Nokia 1110i played Snake Xenzia, they compared score, they try to break the record, and they have fun. Snake Xenzia is a great memory of our life, for rewind purpose.

One day, I and my friends gathered, talked about mobile game and of course, Snake Xenzia on Nokia 1110i is top of mind. So, I decided to remake Snake Classic Retro to celebrate our rewind youth with the very 1st mobile game experience.

Like we played on Nokia, Snake Xenzia Rewind - the Snake classic retro version that has an antique screen with physics keyboard, LED screen display and the same gameplay (playing with 2468 buttons) . The difference between the old Snake Xenzia and Snake Retro Classic is now you're playing on a touch-screen.

In this new version 2.0 of Snake 2K Classic, we add 8 bit sound, ranking, setting option to remove Ads and especially the Box mode beside Classic mode. The other mode: Rails, Mills, Apartment, Tunnel only integrated in Pro version of Snake 97 Classic retro phone.

Let’s experience the past in the present with Snake Retro Rewind
Best Regards from Vietnam,
HALA team,
What’s new?
Now, you are world ranked. You have sound and 2 modes to play!

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Atfan Ahmed review Atfan Ahmed
Good hame
Andrea Goddard review Andrea Goddard
LOL roten to the core
Asif Alam review Asif Alam
Nokia phone hahaha fantastic
Ali FatehElalaim review Ali FatehElalaim
Sanjeev Kumar review Sanjeev Kumar
Back to my college days
Hadiqa Zahra review Hadiqa Zahra
I don't like this game toooo boring
Mac Vengat review Mac Vengat
Remind my younger age
I felt very happily...bcoz in my younger I've too addicted to dis..playing games in rainy never get thatdays again
Amit Dobariya review Amit Dobariya
Nice app great work good graphics I realli like this game
Golden Ansari review Golden Ansari
What a game
I love this game
9GAG TV review 9GAG TV
Snake Xenzia Rewind
Good game, i like it
Rule Mine review Rule Mine
Good game
Lawrence Nonso review Lawrence Nonso
Old school
Jaganath Pillai review Jaganath Pillai
Really Loving It!
Mayank Kewat review Mayank Kewat
Very good
Shiraz Zamarad review Shiraz Zamarad
I remember wanting the Nokia brick so bad because of this game