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It’s a stormy Friday evening in Northern California as the evening rush of air traffic fast approaches the San Francisco Bay Area. All the flights going to San Francisco airport from the east pass through “Sector 33” – YOUR Sector of the airspace.

As the lead air traffic controller for Sector 33, you must merge the arriving planes into a single traffic stream as they pass over Modesto, CA on the western edge of your sector. The planes must be properly spaced and arrive over Modesto as soon as possible. Every minute you delay a plane during the traffic rush, that delay is passed on to ALL the other planes flying behind it. Although time is of the essence, to assure safety, the planes must NEVER violate minimum spacing requirements.

Can you handle Sector 33?


- 35 problems
- 2 to 5 airplanes
- Speed and route controls
- Thunderstorm obstacles
- 4 levels of controller certification
- Locked levels
- Scoring for each problem
- Scoring for each certification level
- In-game introduction
- In-game hints
- Help section
- Extra videos
- Links to related websites
- Links to social websites

Sector 33 APK reviews

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Joe Davis review Joe Davis
Crashes on S5...
Crashes immediately
Dziban Molniya review Dziban Molniya
I can play the very first "mission," but attempting to change to any of the other missions causes the app to crash.
pete stephan review pete stephan
Very good
Dave H review Dave H
Doesn't work on Moto
I'm using Droid Turbo, it opens and then stops.
Bassam Fouad review Bassam Fouad
Not working
Not working on my Note 3!!!
Abolfazl Ziaei review Abolfazl Ziaei
Doesn't work on note 3.
It seems to had some problems.
Scott Cote review Scott Cote
Wouldn't run
Samsung s4 would start but anytime I clicked start or chose a level the app crashed
Steven Hays review Steven Hays
No game
It's just a menu screen whenever I tap it crashes DO NOT GET
Chris Smith review Chris Smith
Doesn't work
As soon as I press play it crashes
Kieran Mackintosh review Kieran Mackintosh
Game has a bad layout and is laggy unimpressed
Jordan Deters review Jordan Deters
Doesn't work on S3.
Matt Carrell review Matt Carrell
Won't open on a galaxy S4
Pat Sarcilla review Pat Sarcilla
: |
Josh Houghton review Josh Houghton
Crashes on open with S5
Braden Reames review Braden Reames
Crashes every time i try to play