Sea Battle APK

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Sea Battle is a board game everybody loves since childhood but with new options! Online multiplayer! Fight against the players from all over the world! You have a wide arsenal in your disposal: battleships, destroyers, bombers, mines, anti-aircraft defense, radars and other stuff. Place your ships of different size on the battlefield, launch the aircraft for massive bombshells and try to sink the rival ships.
By combining different positioning of your ships, aircraft, anti-aircraft defense and mines you can develop your own strategy for the game and leave no chances for your opponents!
Sea Battle is a game with elaborate squared notebook graphics and effects, which make the game original and create a special atmosphere!

Game’s special features:

Fight against opponents from all over the world over the Internet!

Choose the difficulty level and try to beat Android. Earn points!

Arrange battles against your friends and colleagues via Bluetooth.

You want to play with your friends on one device? Notaproblemanymore! Placeyourships, aircraft, mines, AAD and radars each in his or her turn and fight!

Earn points by winning and buy aircraft, mines, AAD and radars and other stuff!

Choose the classic or advanced game mode. Change your arsenal any way you want.

Become the best Sea Battle player by winning online battles!

It’s high time to find out, who is the best at Sea Battle!

The game is free and with no in-game purchases required!

Sea Battle APK reviews

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AHMED zaqout review AHMED zaqout
Non stop fun.
Great game to play alone or with friends and family. Five starssss ?????
Christopher Genovese review Christopher Genovese
It's a pretty fun game.
Darienna Hosteen review Darienna Hosteen
Battle ship
Awesome!!! I like it.. thanks. .
Rajah Barlow review Rajah Barlow
Great time killer
My husband and I would play this together wile waiting for our food on our breakfast dates in the beginning of our relationship. :) I'm really happy I was able to find it again. Really fun game x3
Jb Diaz review Jb Diaz
Ive been playing this game ever since its a great game
I have had once abox that looks like this but ilost now me and my friends are playing at papaers i love this game but FUCK U creator its so late
Peej Cruz review Peej Cruz
Brings back it!
I love this game before i still love it now.
SHAYLA Ramirez review SHAYLA Ramirez
I will gladly give 5 stars If you can lower the wait time between players. There are several players that take forever it's becoming very bothersome and boring.
Ernest Durda review Ernest Durda
Sore losers on this app... when sped plays he p0wnz that's why
Syed Naseer review Syed Naseer
Great game
Love the idea and everything :) thanks
Bill Evans review Bill Evans
Good game
I like how smooth the the battleships go into place, the sound effects when bomb drops and explodes on ships or plops in water. Fun simple game.
Thomas Gavin review Thomas Gavin
Kinda fun
Fast action, would recommend
Nicodemus Waterson review Nicodemus Waterson
Fun game! Good time killer.
Played for over an hour the first night I downloaded.
Kirsty Rockett review Kirsty Rockett
It awsome
You can play with friend blue tooth againts computer i realy love it♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Adil Ali review Adil Ali
Bluetooth player not work
David Willett review David Willett
Not bad at all
Worth the download. If u like battleship.