Screen Cut – Best Screenshot Capture & Crop app APK

Screen Cut – Best Screenshot Capture & Crop app
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Screen Cut is a simple and convenient screenshot tool, which will help you to take any kind of capture (region crop, full screen snapshot or long page screenshot (stitch mode), edit it by drawing doodle or writing over the screen shot and share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, email or any other way!

?Great Features?
✔ Simple and clean interface
Enjoy taking screen grabs and drawing scrabble and doodle over the screenshot with light and clean user interface of Screen Cut – Screenshot app;
✔ All screen capture modes are supported
Choose the way to capture the screen according to your needs between the region crop (free crop), fullscreen capture or the whole page screenshot (for long page capture) with Screen Cut - Capture & Share:
- Region Crop – free crop mode, chose any area on the screen and crop it. Use this capture mode to crop only the specific part of the screen (image capture; title capture; post capture, etc.) ;
- Full Screen Capture Mode – capture all visible content of the page using full screen capture mode;
- Whole page screenshot – very useful capture mode, if you want to capture all of the content on a long page (a fully-expanded Facebook wall, for example). Easily stitch all the content to one long screenshot. But be sure, that the webpage is FULL LOADED before you capture it;
✔ Positive Capture Editor
Use the pencil to draw scrabble and doodle and paint over your screenshots, easily customize the line size or pencil color in Capture Editor of Screen Cut. Simply have fun! Go crazy!
✔ Easy to Share
Share your screenshots and screen grabs with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, email, whatsapp or any other way you want. With Screen Cut it’s easy. Btw, the snapshot will be automatically saved in your SD card or Photo Gallery, so don’t worry about losing it;
Capture screen without root your phone with Screen Cut – Screenshot App;
✔Easy access from Dolphin Browser

How to use Screen Cut
- Open the webpage;
- Open the right sidebar and click Screen Cut;
- Choose the capture mode (region crop, full screen snapshot or the whole page screenshot (stitch mode);
- Edit the screenshot by drawing doodle over the capture if you like and press “✔”;
- Share the screen shot with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, email, etc;

NOTICE: Screen shot will be saved in your SD card or Photo Gallery in JPG format.

Screen Cut – screenshot app is one of the most unique & free apps developed by the Dolphin Browser Team. You can use it like an exclusive Add-on for Dolphin Browser, the best internet explorer browser for Android with fast loading speed, HTML5 video player, AdBlock, tab bar, sidebars, incognito browsing and flash player. We have already reached over 150 Million downloads on Android and iOS worldwide and are very happy to receive positive feedback from you every day. To get more Dolphin Add-ons please visit:

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Capture screen grabs, draw doodle on it and share with friends using Screen Cut - the best screenshot app!
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Screen Cut – Best Screenshot Capture & Crop app APK reviews

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Richard Thietje review Richard Thietje
Last update broke it for Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Broken again. Screen shots have large black areas that do not show content. Only a small portion of the screen is viewable from the screen shot.
Ivan Lysenko review Ivan Lysenko
Good idea
Capture is very blurred, to the point it's not readable.
A Google User review A Google User
Why is it not showing up??? I love this add-on please fix it. :(
William Henley review William Henley
it worked better when you you access it at the side of the page, not at the top.
Winutkorn Porntepaprasit review Winutkorn Porntepaprasit
A must-have add-ons
Thanks the developers for fixing the recent problem occured after the big update of the main application. With this add-ons, the main browser becomes a perfect one. Keep doing a good job.
paul berry review paul berry
How does it work?
Many promises, but no instructions on how to get the app to work within Dolphin.
Ulif Hadiyanto review Ulif Hadiyanto
It didn't work again with new dolphin.. Very upset.. Now, I use other browsers which is has screen capture function..
Goh Yong Li, Samuel review Goh Yong Li, Samuel
How to use?
After installing, I can't find any button on dolphin browser for android to use it! :( is it a joke?
ardi ky review ardi ky
Update please.....
Working perfectly on dolphin v 9.x. working partially on dolphin v 10.x. Not working anymore on dolphin v 11.x...:-(
A Google User review A Google User
Won't work with new version.
Patrick Kenny review Patrick Kenny
Used to use this add-on all the time. Now it doesn't seem to be w/ the others & can't get it to work.
Mobassarul Islam SOMC review Mobassarul Islam SOMC
Is not working with Dolphin Browser v11.2.8
Previously it worked fine but it is not working with Dolphin Browser v11.2.8
Rodney Mullins review Rodney Mullins
Doesn't work with newest Dolphin Browser update (11-02-2014)
Icon nows appears after some personal attention from support at Dolphin. However, it is still broken. Won't capture a full webpage any longer. Dolphin Browser auto-updated and now the Screen Cut add-on has disappeared. Tried install/uninstall for both browser and add-on, but no joy. Browser says add-on is installed but does not show the icon as available, so no way to use it. I only use ONE add-on with this browser, and now it is broken. Good job! :(
Josh McMullin review Josh McMullin
Doesn't work after new update!
I used this a lot and now it doesn't work!
tina popielski review tina popielski
Doesn't Work on Samsung Galaxy S5 After Latest Update
Tried uninstalling/installing. It's listed as being enabled, but isn't available for use.