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A FAST falling sand game.

Based on the original "falling sand" game, this little time-waster lets you draw different elements and watch them interact. Set things on fire, grow a garden, create elaborate set-ups. Most elements can be set to either draw or emit by pressing again on the palette.

The interface is minimal to free up canvas space, but elements names are shown on selection and there are basic instructions and element descriptions when you press "?".

The premium version offers 27 elements, of which 17 can also emit (aka "spouts") by selecting them twice.

- Eraser
- Stone
- Water / Spout
- Plant / Weed
- Fire / Torch
- Sand / Sand spout
- Wax
- Oil / Oil spout
- Salt / Salt spout
- Methane / Methane spout
- Lava / Lava spout
- Steam / Steam spout
- Nitro / Nitro spout
- Napalm / Napalm spout
- Gunpowder / Gunpowder spout
- C4
- Detonating cord
- Cement / Cement spout
- Wood
- Metal
- Thermite / Thermite spout
- Plutonium / Plutonium spout
- Fuse
- Ice / Ice source
- Membrane
- Pump
- Fireworks / Fireworks spout

Highly optimized to run very smooth on most devices.

Minimum specs:
1 GHz ARMv7 device.
800x480 display.

Sand! Premium APK reviews

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Joel Campbell review Joel Campbell
Runs fast.
It runs fast, but truthfully there are better free alternatives. Others have more many more elements/toys and even can have wind speed etc. that blow stuff around when explosions occur. Perfect framerates on here for a dollar though but I'll stick with the others due to more options and I don't get bored. This should be free as of now.
TechnologicBar review TechnologicBar
Needs more elements
Good game but needs a few more elements
Magnus Papp review Magnus Papp
More elements?
I was wondering if there would be any more elements added in the near future?
Jamiejohn Brain review Jamiejohn Brain
Loved it
But I put 4 stars because in the 1.0.1 if you tap on one of the bottom row of materials which are fireworks, pump and membrane. So plz fix this and then I will rate 5 starts. However, I love the game anyway.
Keith Jones review Keith Jones
Love it
So fun when bored
Martin Thomsen review Martin Thomsen
Best sand game imo.
Simple and easy to use, great physics.
Brad Busse review Brad Busse
5 stars naturally
....but I do have one ironic request for the developer though. Can you make the 'sand' act more sand? It should pile up when under a spout...not run off like water. Many cool surprises in this game however. Get it!
Gus Foster review Gus Foster
Good but...
Add a bottom please it annoys me to not have stuff fall and stay.
Aaron Maze review Aaron Maze
So fun
Great but I don't really get the point of some of the elements
Jordo Piercefield review Jordo Piercefield
Good but..
Whenever I click on firework,plum and membrane it crashes
yoni Barash review yoni Barash
Wastes battery but awsome app
It is an amazing app but there is a provlem it takes up a ton of battery
kuibird review kuibird
It crashed a bit but nothing too bad.
Nobiey Episode II review Nobiey Episode II
Amazing Game!
This game is amazing and impressive, I can do many experiment in this game..
Jake Heuft review Jake Heuft
Needs more options
Needs an option for borders and a zoom mode.
Paul Clay review Paul Clay
Love it
Its such a simple game that let's you create stuff.... But I wish there was a screenshot function!! That would make it perfect, you could have an online gallery for people to upload to so we can say ooooooo how did you get the effect etc.