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A FAST falling sand game.

Based on the original "falling sand" game, this little time-waster lets you draw different elements and watch them interact. Set things on fire, grow a garden, create elaborate set-ups. Most elements can be set to either draw or emit by pressing again on the palette.

The interface is minimal to free up canvas space, but elements names are shown on selection and there are basic instructions and element descriptions when you press "?".

This free version offers 19 elements, of which 13 can also emit (aka "spouts") by selecting them twice.

- Eraser
- Stone
- Water / Spout
- Plant / Weed
- Fire / Torch
- Sand / Sand spout
- Wax
- Oil / Oil spout
- Salt / Salt spout
- Methane / Methane spout
- Lava / Lava spout
- Steam / Steam spout
- Nitro / Nitro spout
- Napalm / Napalm spout
- Gunpowder / Gunpowder spout
- C4
- Detonating cord
- Cement / Cement spout
- Wood

Purchase the premium version to get 8 more elements (+4 emitters):

* Metal
* Thermite / Thermite spout
* Plutonium / Plutonium spout
* Fuse
* Ice / Ice source
* Membrane
* Pump
* Fireworks / Fireworks spout

Highly optimized to run very smooth on most devices.

Minimum specs:
1 GHz ARMv7 device.
800x480 display.

Sand! APK reviews

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Jonathan Castillo review Jonathan Castillo
Amazing sand game!
This app has a user-friendly interface that is really simple to access. This app is perfect for time wasters and everyone! You should get it!
J David Black review J David Black
Great interface for the small screen, no lag- who doesn't like to doodle with explosives?
Michelle Lim review Michelle Lim
Small size game, ways to boost our creativity and thing to do when you are this
Shealyn Cooney review Shealyn Cooney
So fun for all
I made a cat face it's eyes ware blue and a red mouth
Harsh Singh review Harsh Singh
Big blast in small packet
I want to know which engine was used. Can you tell me? please.....
Iris Lim review Iris Lim
This is an awesome app and super entertaining. There are thousands of things you can do in this app!!
shria hecox review shria hecox
This is freaking awesomesauce. If I had money I'd deffo buy the premium, too bad.
Eshaan Paliwal review Eshaan Paliwal
Good but gets boring after a few days
This games is just awesome for the first few days but gets boring with the same elements ,there should be more elements
master gamer of tricks review master gamer of tricks
I love it
But when u mix lava or fire into nitrogen there is a blast
korlin tiang review korlin tiang
Fun but crashes
It was fun until it suddenly crashes
GKA Audi review GKA Audi
Awesome app
Thanks to the developer done a great work absolutely happy with it an interesting app thumbs up add more elements it's will be fun
david pasquin review david pasquin
Haven't even played it yet I just really enjoyed the fact that there was no app permission required
Parna Angel review Parna Angel
Cool Unique Game!!
Loved it as its different from other games, and try to add some more elements!
aryasomayajula subhash review aryasomayajula subhash
This app would have been better if there is an option to save and share the art ..
raghav deshmukh review raghav deshmukh
Awesome still poor physics
Adding Force, strength, pressure..... simulation would give it a 5 star. Still liked it