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Runtastic Pedometer Step Count
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Are you reaching your daily 10,000 steps per day by taking the opportunity to walk more? In the mood for a new step counter & walking app? Step to it and download the free Runtastic Pedometer & Step Counter app for Android now. Walking, step & calorie tracking with a pedometer app is the perfect starting point for a fitness beginner and a great addition to the training of the more advanced. You do the walking, we’ll keep count and be the best step counter & walking tracker app you’ve ever downloaded :)

PEDOMETER APP FEATURES & BENEFITS: (limited in free version)
* Automatic steps counter detection (no matter where your phone is stored – pockets, purse, arm, hand)
* Calculation of calories burned (c’mon put in that walking distance and burn those cals!)
* Steps counter app calculates speed & distance while you’re walking (the perfect mile or kilometer counter)
* Step frequency calculation (based on the steps and walking distance tracker)
* Training and activity log included in this steps tracker app -- including analysis
* Overall stats of all your activities
* Share your walking and other pedometer activities on Social Media like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and many more. Inspire your friends to go the distance!
* Pedometer app syncs with Manage all step tracker data online
* Users can save bodymetrics like weight and height for a more accurate calorie count
* Use the pedometer app in the background to conserve battery life. Usually a steps tracker will drain your battery...not here! This step tracker will be the counter of each mile, kilometer and step without leaving you phoneless -- we know, it’s terrifying!

The free Runtastic Pedometer and Step Counter app is the ideal tracker of your daily steps and movement. Let’s be honest, it’s the best step tracker app on the planet! This steps counter app also motivates you to walk more and collect more steps. Positive side effect: More steps and longer walking distance equals more calories burned, too! So, start increasing your walking distance and let this app track your steps and be the counter of each mile or kilometer you walk.

Our free Pedometer app is your perfect step tracker, helps you reach the recommended 10,000 steps per day and acts as your personal kilometer or mile counter. Take your first step today, download the free Pedometer & Step Counter app on your phone and push yourself to a fitter, healthier lifestyle with your personal pedometer, step counter and kilometer/mile counter in your pocket! And, don’t forget to tell you friends about this steps counter app, too.

Runtastic is all about health & fitness apps! Check out more of our apps (in additon to our free Pedometer step tracker app) to help you reach your fitness goals at

Runtastic Pedometer Step Count APK reviews

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Monica Alcala review Monica Alcala
I tested it out today :)
I adjusted the settings properly and I would take a step and it actually counted lol no need to stomp like some other apps hahahaha ? Took a walk with my son to the store and it was so nice this thing counts everything for me so yay I'm a happy one today :)
John Sutphin review John Sutphin
Works With My Tablet
I just bought an Acer Tablet and hoped this app would work for a simple walk. It did. I have to put it in my pants pocket for it to work properly. One thing is I wish you could edit the "additional info" screen. I walk at different places and would like to be able to go back and add that to my first walk.
Leigh MacNolan review Leigh MacNolan
Hate it!
This app doesn't measure distance or count steps accurately! I'm going back to Map My Walk. At least it's accurate!
Janice Kersting review Janice Kersting
Still New
I've only used it twice, so still kind of early to know for sure if it will work out. So far I do like it. I've tried a few now, and this one is the best so far. I will rate again after I've used it for awhile.
Mike Gerber review Mike Gerber
Enjoyed app greatly. Too early to fully recommend.
Deborah Chesna review Deborah Chesna
Walked to work Day
Used the app to see how many steps I could get to start my day!! Cool...I started my day half way to the days goal of 10,000 steps!!
Neil Meier review Neil Meier
First and only time looking through and trying the app. Will respond again after a few uses.
Jesse Guevara review Jesse Guevara
1st pedometer app
Easy to download easy to start logged in with google accnt used for walking
Jose Piñeyro review Jose Piñeyro
First day of jogging
Easy to use and very user friendly. Has nice features and logs
Brianna Hunt review Brianna Hunt
Keeps resetting!!!
I want to know how many steps I do in a day but it resets. It resets when I get to about 2000 steps this is not ok.
Karisma Mac review Karisma Mac
Really wanted to like this app, but it sucks that it doesn't count steps when the screen is off. Uninstalled
Teresa Broadway review Teresa Broadway
Walking and running app.
Works great! Just what I needed.
SylveonPowerLove :D review SylveonPowerLove :D
This really keeps track when I am running at the parking lot
Ameka Battle review Ameka Battle
It kina
It works but I get confused about how it works like when you walk 1 step and it says 3.
victoria moon review victoria moon
I wish i wouldn't have to buy a different app to get how many calories i burned. I mean really?