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You don't have to be a rocket scientist to launch a NASA spacecraft with NASA's Rocket Science 101 (RS101)! Select your favorite NASA mission and build a rocket to send the spacecraft into orbit. As you take the RS101 challenge, you can learn more about thrilling missions and the various components of the launch vehicles, how they are configured and how they work together to successfully launch a NASA spacecraft. NASA's Launch Services Program (LSP) does the same things for real rockets and exciting spacecraft missions every day - now it's your turn!

Rocket Science 101 APK reviews

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Al Justin Pierre review Al Justin Pierre
Its boring and it doesn't give the controller or gamer anything to work with. It should provide freedom to anyone who truly wants to build their own rocket instead of providing such limited access. In other words, it sucks.
William M. review William M.
No wonder NASA can't fly... anything... on it's own. They're presented with Kerbal Space Program and SimpleRockets as models. They come up with something like a flash app that most closely resembles a scripted jigsaw puzzle and gives congratulations for reading a dial. It's a sad excuse for education and is boring sixty seconds in.
Mr. unique Individual review Mr. unique Individual
It was fun at first but then kinda got boring. I love NASA and rockets so I had to download this game. I was a little disappointed because my favorite rocket (Gemini titan) was not in here but still good enough.
NJ Smith review NJ Smith
I don't know how long I will keep this app on my phone, but it's well worth checking out. Space exploration & pyrotechnics - what's not to love!
Oleg Mogilevskiy review Oleg Mogilevskiy
It's nice-designed rockets. One little thing-no beautiful Earth view, like in Orbiter 2006! But it still 5 stars! I love to launch NASA rockets!!!
Jasdeep Badhesha review Jasdeep Badhesha
It's a good game but gets boring after a while. What is the difference between the three levels. You get to build the same rockets in each level of difficulty
Kevin Ross review Kevin Ross
I think it is silly that NASA doesn't use metric units with this app. Science books use metric. Labels on everything Americans buy have both metric and American units. Basically, it's an oversight (or bad decision) that is a totally unforgivable when the intent is to promote science (rocket science specifically). Don't fire anybody ... just fix it! The app is nice otherwise. Wasn't losing a 125 million dollar (Lockheed as contractor) climate orbiter a clue that English units have no place in rocket science? Hint: if someone is using your app, they probably have a grasp of metric or plan on it. Seriously, who do I slap?
A Google user review A Google user
It is a useless app. Though, it is suitable for children below 10 yrs.
Adrian Colley review Adrian Colley
You drag and drop rocket components to the approximate right area, nothing more. I was expecting something more like Kerbal.
Albert Cazares review Albert Cazares
Its okay but not as difficult as expected other easily available games such as The Kerbal Space Program could teach you a lot more.
MigRyMa Productions review MigRyMa Productions
Very good and simple graphics. I love the interface though. May I just request if you can also make an app like this for the Apollo and Gemini and even Mercury Program if you like or not a feature of this game which goes back into the 50s and 60s. Its nice to have both the beginning and the present for this app. From first american space flight to the latest ISS resupply or interplanetary missions
JoMiMi The Lion / Antarctic Republic Mapping review JoMiMi The Lion / Antarctic Republic Mapping
Why. Just why. You added a rival rocket, SpaceX's Falcon 9. Plus, they're gonna land on Mars (with the BFR) before the Orion does. Anyways, it's really good!
LunarYeti review LunarYeti
I LOVE NASA AND ROCKET SCIENCE but add the Apollo 11 and the full mission P.S NASA if u read this I wanna work for u guys one day but still best game evar and keep up DA good work BTW tell me when u launch ur next rocket plz ?
ahmad naseem review ahmad naseem
It's so nice! I am very happy. It is because of you that I can learn about several new things. Thank you!
the tominator review the tominator
Please add the Soviet soyuz rocket because I love it so do many people!