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If you enjoy Podcast Addict, you can buy this app to support it.
Once this app is installed, you will need to stop / restart Podcast Addict in order to disable the ad banners. It will not unlock any new feature, because Podcast Addict is unlimited by default.

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Podcast Addict allows you to manage Podcasts, Radio on Demand, Audio books, Live stream radios, YouTube & Twitch channels and RSS News feeds from a single app.

Please contact me in case you have any issue/question.

• Search by podcast name or keywords (450,000 podcasts / 10M+ episodes)
• Browse new/trending/top podcasts by category
• Browse podcast networks (NPR, Gimlet, BBC, Serial, Ted Talks, ...)
• Browse custom recommendations based on your current subscriptions
• Paste the podcast RSS/ATOM feed url. Also works with iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube & Twitch channels urls

• Built-in audio effects such as playback speed, volume boost and skip silence. Works while streaming or playing downloaded files
• Variable playback speed for video podcasts (Android 6.0+)
• Multiple playlists support
• Advanced playback features like Shuffle mode, Loop mode and Sleep timer
• Works as a standalone player (MP3, local files, streaming)
• Full chapter support
• Chromecast & SONOS support

• Automatic update, download, playlist & deletion (Set a specific time so your favorite podcasts can be downloaded before you wake up)
• Settings can be customized by podcast
• Control the app through Intents with apps like AutomateIT, Tasker, ...

• Backup / restore subscriptions (OPML file compatible with iTunes, Google Reader, ...)
• Full app backup / restore

• SD card storage
• Android wear notifications & controls, Android Auto, Pebble ...
• Live stream radio search engine (25K radio stations)
• Bookmarks / Notes
• Automatic Flattr
• Support RSS comments & iTunes reviews
• Support Authenticated feeds
• Widgets
• Search based podcasts (handle a search request as a podcast)
• Virtual podcasts / Audio books (handle a folder content as a podcast)
• Visual customization (themes & Grid/List display modes)
• Full screen reading mode for RSS news feed
• Advanced filtering by type/keywords/duration to show/hide episodes
• Advanced sharing features (full description, Twitter, ...)

English: 5by5, 77 WABC Radio, ABC, Absolute Radio, AfterBuzz TV, Al Jazeera, Audiomatic, BAM! Radio, BBC, Bloomberg, Carolla Digital, CBC, CBS Radio News, CBS Sport Radio, Channel 9 (MSDN), CNET, CNN, Crooked Media, Earwolf, ESPN, Feral Audio, Fox News Radio, FrogPants, Fun Kids, Gimlet Media, Goodstuff FM, HeadGum, How Stuff Works, Infinite Guest, Innovative Language, KCRW, LibriVox, Loyal Books, Mobile Nations, Monocle 24, MSNBC, Mule Radio Syndicate, NASA, Nerdist, Nickelodeon, Night Vale presents, NPR, Panoply, PBS, PodcastOne, Podiobooks, Podnutz, Public Radio International (PRI), Quick and Dirty Tips, Radiotopia, Relay FM, Revision3, S-Town, Scientific American, Serial, Showtime, Slate, Smodcast, Spec.FM, S-Town, Stand Up NY Labs, The Guardian, The Incomparable, The Naked Scientists, This American Life (TAL), Ted Talks, The Blaze, The Heard, The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE), The New Yorker, This Week in Photo, Twit, Voice America, Wall Street Journal (WSJ), WBEZ 91.5, WFMU, WNYC, Wolfpop, WOR 710, WWNO
French: Jazz Radio, Radio Campus Paris, Radio Canada, Radio France, Virgin Radio
German: Deutsche Welle, DRadio Wissen
Italian: Radio24,Rai Radio 1,Rai Radio 2,Rai Radio 3

Podcast Addict - Donate APK reviews

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Christopher Brain review Christopher Brain
Nexus 5 user
The best podcast player out there. Many thanks
Arun Vanapalli review Arun Vanapalli
Great app
Had some issues with this app before, but the developer is responsive and works very quickly. I love everything about Podcast Addict, and it's well worth the donation.
Ted Levy review Ted Levy
Very user-friendly and attractive app, makes listening to podcasts easy and fun, thanks developers!
Mike Williams review Mike Williams
Getting duplicate episodes
I like the app but when I setup to subscribe I get duplicate episodes. I even tried to delete and it still started again. Plus fix this problem.
Kristina Hatchett review Kristina Hatchett
Great and simple app
Love this app, I have not run into any issues and 3 bucks is defintely a bargain
Adam Connor review Adam Connor
Good not great
Plays podcasts well, UI MUCH better than BeyondPod, but still could use some polish -- full review on free version.
Rillestri review Rillestri
Awesome app
Best app I've found for listening to podcasts. I can just add episodes to my playlist and listen while driving or working. My only suggestion would be to allow users to define at what point in the episode it is conducted "read". I often don't listen to the credits and just skip to the next episode, however, this will not treat it as read or remove it from the playlist. Having an option to set at what point the episode should be considered read (1 minute left, 30 second left, etc) would be helpful.
DarkHeart McCallum review DarkHeart McCallum
Now i hope the add aren't in the way
Best podcast app I know
Matthias Berthold review Matthias Berthold
Absolutely worth it.
The free version has all features unlocked by default, I still paid for the app because that's how great it is.
John Gareri review John Gareri
Great podcast app
This is a wonderful, feature rich app that I'm happy to support.
Marcelo Rocha review Marcelo Rocha
Please add a Go-to feature
Some podcasts have a few minutes of emails reading or ads or other stuff.
Jordan Dziesinski review Jordan Dziesinski
Did not even pause...
Does this app provide $3 worth of value to my life? Without any reservations, yes.
Sam Barnes review Sam Barnes
Thanks for the hard work
This is now my most used app, I've learnt so much in the few months I've hard it because I can now easily access the sciency podcasts I've always craved! Works brilliantly, and thanks for adding chromecast support! Top notch!
Lauren Smith review Lauren Smith
Good app
**UPDATE** info from developer worked. How obnoxious of the BBC. -- A couple days ago all the BBC podcasts started failing to sync. Not sure what's going on but as those comprise about half of what I listen to it's very frustrating. I'm able to download from BBC website just fine...
Shawn Stephenson review Shawn Stephenson
I had to consciously tell myself to donate because I can't remember the last time PA had asked me to donate all obtrusively like some apps do. This is a great podcast app and the developer/s deserve the money. Pay for apps you like to encourage more, better apps.