Period Tracker APK

Period Tracker
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- period tracker
- expected period calculator 
- average period calculator 
- monthly periods chart
- notes tracker
- periods notifications

- menstrual cycle tracker
- average menstrual cycle calculator
- menstrual cycle charts

- ovulation calculator
- intimacy tracker and charts
- fertility calculator

Enjoy with your Bloom Tracker

Period Tracker APK reviews

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Prince Bonku review Prince Bonku
Very useful app it really helps my girlfriend and I.
Joy Samuel review Joy Samuel
Very nice
I love this app so much, thanks guyz
Davor Svilar review Davor Svilar
Nice app
I would like to have bigger counter number when selecting dates, period, etc.. They should be also centered in the middle of the screen.
Dagernette McBride review Dagernette McBride
It's Alright
It's alright I'm still getting used to it i see alot of people like this app
Zoran Tadic review Zoran Tadic
My wife recommend this app and she thinks is really cute and very accurate. She love it. Great job!!!
Faith Briscoe review Faith Briscoe
Good app
This app was exactly what I was looking for. Worked great and was easy to use.
Tabetha Nytes review Tabetha Nytes
I just downloaded it but I like it... So far. But the one reason I only gave it a 4 star was I wish I could add the last 3 or 4 cycles. It would give a better estimate as to when the next cycle would come.
Ashley Moore review Ashley Moore
With the birth control reminder, i wish i could choose a custom tone just for that...and stop the ads or add a premium version.
Kenopsia review Kenopsia
I had backup set up and it keeps giving me network errors saying i cant connect to the net to login. Really annoying..
I really like this app :)
Sinisa Marjanovic review Sinisa Marjanovic
Great and handy
Nice, handy and useful, really like it
Zoran Gasic review Zoran Gasic
Great app
A Google user review A Google user
It's ok but not the best, but it does the job at lest.
Han'nah Israel review Han'nah Israel
The app does not let you track pregnancies or miscarriages within the app. It would be nice to continue use by syncing with previous data.
A Google user review A Google user
This is a very exceptional and helpful app I am in love with it