Period and Ovulation Tracker APK

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Period Tracker Lilly

Menstrual cycle tracker helps you to track your cycle and can reliably predict your upcoming menstruation, fertile days and ovulation. For a woman trying to conceive we have ovulation calculator that predicts your fertile days and helps you get pregnant fast.

With our Period calendar you can enter daily notes and track PMS, symptoms, moods, intercourse and period flow.

Lilly tracker learns from your inputs and makes better prediction of future periods and fertile windows through time, we use all up to date scientific methods available to track and plan your cycle.

Using Lilly period calendar is easy, just tap a single button once a month on first day of your period and relax, Lilly will do the rest.

What separates Lilly from others is woman community called Girl Talk forum. Become a part of our supportive woman community and take control of your health, help others with your experience and get advice in time of need.

Lilly period tracker protects your most private data, the calendar can be password locked, keeping your information hidden.

Lilly Period and Ovulation Tracker features:

- Reminders and notifications of your upcoming period, ovulation, fertile days
- Pill reminder which includes pill, patch and ring contraceptive protection
- Yearly menstrual calendar with your menstrual cycle for every month of the year
- PIN code privacy protection with password lock
- Basal body temperature tracker BTT with graph that helps you predict ovulation
- Protected or unprotected intercourse/sex tracking
- Analyze your menstrual cycle and period duration

We want to hear from you! Please email comments and suggestions to [email protected]

Enjoy your Lily Period Tracker

Period and Ovulation Tracker APK reviews

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Dianemarie Toro review Dianemarie Toro
Best So Far
I love this app bcuz its on point with my periods, fertile days n ovulation. Its just been very helpful 2 me to keep track of all this women stuff. Lol. Great app
desna dickson review desna dickson
Love it
Trying to have a planned pregnancy is hard but now I know were to start
Shelby Harksell review Shelby Harksell
Does the job
I really like this app. It keeps track of everything I need and then some. I love that I can back log my period dates; however, I can only do this for 2014. The calendar in the app goes back to 2005. I would love to be able to back log more of my information. Other than that, I'm really happy with it!
Nyasha Simmons review Nyasha Simmons
I love this app .. I couldn't believe that my cycle would have came on the day it says on the calendar. But , its true !
Blossom B review Blossom B
Great app is actually on the money? with their perdiction of when aunt flows coming, ?this app pretty much does me justice. Great for vacation planning ?
Lisa Broadus review Lisa Broadus
If your regular, this app is the deal, wish it would've been available when I started years ago, think it'd been great for many a woman
Michaela Brown review Michaela Brown
Great tracker
It keeps me on track, and i love it. I really like the fact that it tells you your fertile window and ovulation period. Super cool.
Latoya McKinnon review Latoya McKinnon
It really helps
I removed my IUD 3 years ago and it helps with my Dr appointment.
Tai Richardson review Tai Richardson
For what I'm trying to do (track my ovulation so we can become parents) It has been perfect!
Enke-Mari Marx review Enke-Mari Marx
Best period tracking app I've tried so far!
The fact that it has Material Design implemented attracted me and now I'm hooked. There a no confusing terms or things I don't want to see and the app itself is beautiful! Well done!
Sharman Melody review Sharman Melody
I love how its simple to use and easy to understand ;) Im a theme girl so a few more themes would be lovley ;)
Kelly O'Brian review Kelly O'Brian
So Thorough, So Helpful
I love how it calendars events, symptoms, even moods. You can protect and back up your data. Even Lily's social posts are a great distraction when you're overthinking what you're body is doing. LOVE!
Nequia Simmons review Nequia Simmons
Great app. Have no issues with it at all. It only be like a day off as far as when I come on my menstrual period. Thats good enough for me.
Metrell Jackson review Metrell Jackson
Helpful reminder
This app has been really helpful in staying on top of alerting me when fertile & ovulation days are approaching. It's been off somewhat on my menstrual cycles 1 or 2 days. I would recommend to my friends.
Renee Brown review Renee Brown
So far so good.
Which it came with a sensory that allowed you to take your basil body temperature.