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"Pedometer" records the number of steps you have walked and displays them again along with the number of calories that you have burned, distance, walking time and speed per hour.

It is easy to use. Once you push the Start button, all you have to do is hold your smartphone as you always do and walk.
Of course, it will continue to automatically record your steps even if you put it in your pocket or bag.

You can view a graph with the number of steps you have walked and all other information anytime.
Let's enjoy walking with this app!

How to use
- Touch on the number of steps, burned calories, distance, walking time, or speed to display the graph with that information.
- Touch the graph to highlight information data for a specific time or date.
- Swipe to the left to see the data recorded until the previous day.
- If you want to change the look of the app, change the theme.
- In order to display the correct number of burned calories, please enter your age, gender, weight and step length accurately.
- In order to display the correct distance and speed, please enter your step length accurately.

- Some devices will not record the number of steps when they are locked. This depends exclusively on the specifications of each device and it is not a bug of the app.
- If you find errors in the number of steps recorded, please adjust the sensitivity.

Pedometer APK reviews

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Rita B review Rita B
Adds steps out of nowhere and doesn't always count actual steps. Phone was on night stand and hours later it had added like 100 steps. Will give it a few more days.
Jacqueline Boniface review Jacqueline Boniface
I really like it because it doesn't keep counting steps while I'm driving.
Larry Ramey review Larry Ramey
Like it a lot!!!
I am simple about this one - just wanted a general account of activity/ seems fairly accurate from spot tests - I'm happy ....thanks!!!
Maria I. Orsinger review Maria I. Orsinger
The most accurate and useful pedometer that I've ever tried! Love it!
Matt Hall review Matt Hall
Very nice
Helps me to get an idea of my walking
Justin Arthur review Justin Arthur
Good app.
Needs to help starting at times. Even when set to start and stop.
Steven Smith review Steven Smith
Very good and accurate
The most accurate I've tried. I'd love it more if it had a widget.
Amit Jha review Amit Jha
Exactly what I wanted
This application works very fine. Just need to assign steps length accurately to get exact output. I m very happy to use it. :-)
Jen Obrien review Jen Obrien
Great App
It keeps track really well...when I keep it on me!
Kris Ghana review Kris Ghana
It only reads the steps ...can improve more.
Fazi Bandookwala review Fazi Bandookwala
Simple and appears to be accurate
Katherine Livingston review Katherine Livingston
Never lets me down and I love the way it tells me when I hit my goal
Evelyn Hernandez review Evelyn Hernandez
Is a useful app for everyone who wants to know how is going their own level of excersise.
Connie Bryant review Connie Bryant
It works
I had my suspicions about downloading this app, but so far no problem. I would recommend this app.
Geoff Hallion review Geoff Hallion
Great app
Reliable, adjustable and uses very little power.