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Spring Bag is here! Special characters and accessories are here for you!

Are you ready to join the Online Head Ball community and climb the steps to the championship? Preferred by over 30 million football fans around the world and shown as one of the best football games out there!

Online Head Ball is a football game that gives football lovers the chance of showing their skills to real players. If you are a true football fan and online games are among your favorite ones, you are at the right place.

Create your dream character!
There are hundreds of different combinations waiting for you to design your dream player in the Online Head Ball, with dozens of different types of characters and accessories ranging from jerseys to hats and football shoes to masks.

Upgrade your character and challenge your opponents!
If you wish to defeat your opponents in 1v1 live football matches, you have to pay attention to developing your character. You can take advantage over your opponents by upgrading your jump, shoot power, speed skills and size.

Use your super powers and rule the game!
Enlarging the opponent's goal, adding extra time, freezing the opponent, and becoming invisible... These are just some of the 11 different super powers you can use to win the match. The super powers you will use at critical moments will be your greatest assistants on the road to the championship.

Get together with your friends and build up your team!
You can play with your in-game friends or invite your friends on Facebook to Online Head Ball. Join PvP matches, and challenge with the other teams by establishing your own team consisting your friends.

Your ideas are valuable to us! Send your ideas and recommendations to [email protected] to contribute the development of the game.


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Ricky Hams review Ricky Hams
Good game but I can't play it anymore, because as soon as I opened the game, it crashes. This makes the game pretty unplayable.
GhostKiller 34 review GhostKiller 34
The worst game ever of all time. They eat a dick stupid retarded players and creators
BOWMAN Gaming review BOWMAN Gaming
Cool game Keep making more good games like this masomo
kncukes ball review kncukes ball
This is a very addicting and fun game to play honestly ,the thing that bothers me is the fact it always gotta be showing an ad after I play a match?so it got me like tf..another thing that bothers me is the fact i have to wait a long ass time to find an opponent and I'm just "just pick a gawddam person!!" Like damm y'all needa fix that bs cuz I ain't waiting 1 or more minutes just to find an opponent
mahmoud hassan review mahmoud hassan
i was playing it and then i win a bag and i open it and i got 3 things and the first is a 4 Diamond and the next one is 50000 and the next is a new player but i only get new player but i didnt get coins and diamond xan i please get them
PES Master review PES Master
WTH!!!I was a won the match and the ad was a porn site (I don't know which).I am a 14 years old and THIS ISN'T OKAY.I will report U!!!!!!!!!
mat mat review mat mat
it doesn't use the correct screen ratio, what have you done?!
TrAnCe AdDiCt review TrAnCe AdDiCt
popcorn Boy review popcorn Boy
It is a good game but the update made it too unfair we have worked for these dimonds and are now being wasted on power ups which were once cheep to get. Getting 2 points every game is rubbish and what's the point with the size, power and stuff like that THERE'S NO POINT!
Stories from the Darkness review Stories from the Darkness
This is the most bastard game, the new update sucks, it is anymore pay to win game, it deserves - 5 stars
Kara Kartal review Kara Kartal
I was the player who was playing this game for 3 years. But after last update, It became the worst game. It became pay & win. Unfortunatelly uninstalling now.
blablabla blablabla review blablabla blablabla
هاي اللعبة من اجمل الالعاب اللي بنزلها .....بارك الله فيكم على هاذي الالعاب اللي بتعملوها والى الامام
eml mla review eml mla
The worst update ever. Congrats
Volkan Deniz İkiz review Volkan Deniz İkiz
İşte beklediğim güncelleme! Bu güncelleme oyuna bir çok yenilik ile birlikde eğlenceyi katlıyor!!
XxMattPlayzGamez xX review XxMattPlayzGamez xX
This games good and a use of time also very addicting. Rated 5/5