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Navmii GPS World (Navfree)
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Navmii is a free navigation and traffic app for drivers.

Navmii combines FREE voice-guided navigation, live traffic information, local search, points of interest and driver scores. Offline maps stored locally, for use without an internet connection. Over 24 million drivers use Navmii and our maps are available for more than 150 countries.

• Real voice-guided navigation
• Real-time traffic and road information
• Works with GPS only – internet not needed
• Offline and Online Address search
• Driver Scoring
• Local Place search (powered by TripAdvisor, Foursquare and What3Words)
• Fast routing
• Automatic rerouting
• Search using Postcode/ City/ Street/ Points of interest
• Heads-Up Display (HUD) – upgrade
• Community map reporting
• HD accurate maps
• + Much, much more

We have thousands of 5-STAR REVIEWS:
- why buy a satnav when navmii does it all
- unbeatable value and functionality
- love, love this app!

Navmii features on-board OpenStreetMap (OSM) maps, which are stored on your device and therefore you don’t need no data connection (unless of course you use the connected services). Use Navmii abroad to avoid high roaming costs!

We're always eager to hear about your experience of using Navmii. You can contact us anytime by email, on Twitter or Facebook using the details below:

- Twitter: @NavmiiSupport
- Email: [email protected]
- Facebook:

Note: continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Navmii GPS World (Navfree) APK reviews

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chris barrow review chris barrow
Works excellently so far!
None None review None None
Keeps freezing since update
I might as well use a brick as a sat nav now. The latest update keeps freezing and saying the car is miles from where it is. This was once the best sat nav, sadly not any more!!
Null Factor review Null Factor
Very good
After downloading and experienced almost all navi apps on store route 66 and navmii are the best. Navimii don't have POI with details. Only places in option. Can't find any POI. Please can you create Point of interest..!!!
Wizzy Ware review Wizzy Ware
My apologies didn't mean to sound rude.
Used it today for work absalute spot on Highley recommend and it's free the lay out is good when you have it to your own speciations . Good job keep up the good work . One more thing always be there for them no matter how busy you may be .
Harry Shidel review Harry Shidel
Use it to find addresses ,gets me to right street but keeps getting number wrong.
David Millen review David Millen
Simply doesn't work
I wasted an hour of my life downloading installing and configuring this piece of junk only to discover that it would only grab my location and calculate a route, then refuse to navigate. Avoid at all costs.
john smith review john smith
Works 1/4 of time. Voice too. Frustrating App
Joren Alberts review Joren Alberts
It used to provide great and efficient navigation, but the last few months it gives extreme detours. The app itself (UI etc.) is great.
Vincent Ip review Vincent Ip
No offline destination search
Disappointed but still one of the better offline GPS
Cris Sacapaño Traje review Cris Sacapaño Traje
Location wrong
Philippine map particularly in western visayas ( Aklan Province) is a big joke...update and i will subscribe to premium.
Mick Ward review Mick Ward
Great FREE Nav app
Working fine on a Galaxy Tab 3 8in. Improvements since NavFree make a much better app.
H Bondzio review H Bondzio
Takes AGES to update maps and keeps losing server...! Bah !
Gokhan Cil review Gokhan Cil
Excellent App so far.
Abhishek Chaurasia review Abhishek Chaurasia
Not working on android m
Constantly crashes on android m and there is no fix for a long time
Adrian Molloy review Adrian Molloy
A fairly basic app
Navmii is free which is good but I found it difficult to use and the map was basic.