My Green Footprint APK

My Green Footprint
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My green footprint is an application used for motivating the users to do the activities, which is good for the environment & people. App consists of 3 main activities like Green footprint, Pink footprint & Black footprint. For doing the activity, one should register into the app first. Then they can login to the app for next time as usual.

Green Footprint: It shows the people’s activity, who planted a tree, restoring water bodies etc.

Pink Footprint: Which shows the activities of the people, who helped the poor, protecting & helping the orphans, providing education to the people who needs.

Black Footprint: It shows the people’s activity, who done good things like stopping water leakage in public places, making arrangement for closing the drainage lid, Informing about the dirt in public places to corresponding department etc. (If the person did black footprint activity, that will be posted as a anonymous post.)

Above mentioned all activities will be recorded by the taking the snap and posted for encouraging & motivating the people who did this. This is the main use of this application.
Activities will be done by a single person (or) by a group.

Corresponding activity, we did will be posted with the location, date, time & we can tag the friends as our wish.

Here we can set the remainder in future for reminding us to see the activity we done.
Each & every activity will be posted & followed by all others who are using the app.