Multiplayer for Minecraft PE - MCPE Servers APK

Multiplayer for Minecraft PE - MCPE Servers
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You can now invite friends from WORLDWIDE to play Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) online at anytime, anywhere with Multiplayer Master! Let’s enjoy a new link-up experience with Multiplayer Master for Minecraft PE!

[Key Features]
**Support all versions of Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

★Minecraft Minigames★
For a team battle among 2-10 players.

★Red Vs.Blue★
A brand new function for Minecraft Multiplayer Master. Players can join a Red or Blue team to work together and fight against the other team.

The game will be started when there are enough players in the server. Easy and interesting.

★Create & Join Server★
The version supports download and import of addon. Players can now download addon directly from MCPE Master by one click. It is also an convenient addon tool to import addon from you phone's file.

- HOST/JOIN Minecraft PE server within seconds FOR FREE!
- Create PRIVATE server with password
- Up to 10 players in one server room
- Invite your friends from Facebook or Twitter or other social channels
- Quick search by ID or mode
- Floating window function: Block and kick griefers | Fire and Explosion Protection | Protect Items | Forbid Updating Blocks | Forbid Fighting
- Support English | Russian | Korean | Portuguese | Thai | Chinese | Spanish | German | Italian | Malay | Filipino | Japanese | Turkish | French | Indonesian | Vietnamese


If you want to host your server room with fantastic maps, please use MCPE master(Master for Minecraft-Launcher), which is a sister product of Multiplayer Master. But the functions of MCPE master are more than that. When you play single games, Master for Minecraft-Launcher will be much more powerful. For example, with MCPE master you are able to download and import variety of minecraft maps, skins, texture, seeds and mods FOR FREE. While in game, you are able to change to survival or creative mode at any time, also you can control the time and weather, and teleport freely.


*This app requires Minecraft Pocket Edition which is available on Google play.
*We are not affiliated with Mojang. And this is not an official Mojang app.
*The Minecraft Name, Brand and associated Assets are all property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner.

We're always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions or concerns, please submit them through the Feedback function in app.
You may also send the details to

[email protected]

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Martins Bergs review Martins Bergs
I'd wish :D
I'd wish that you'd add online mods, for example you could have installed three mods of your choice (from your other app Master for MCPE mods list) and started a online server but so other could join they need to download the mods as well. And please add a TMI for the host and so host could give it to others (give it to one person not everyone, if the host wants to give it the whole server they could) if the host wants to. And add a VIP feature that the server stays online after the host leaves. Thanks :)
David Luu review David Luu
Its Ok
I like the features of it but the problem mm is that when I try to log in it takes a lot of time. Can you please gix it so that it doesn't take a long time?
XxBoy GamerxX review XxBoy GamerxX
Needs one more thing
I like the game but every time i meet a friend and leave the server, i cant send a friend request plz add a friend list
Chocolate DogCD review Chocolate DogCD
Good app. Nice multiplayer, Everything! But, one more thing...I know how you made MCPE Master but the only downside is that I'm an Android user, so I can't download it and play it. And I've heard great things about that app. So please, make MCPE Master Android use able and then I'll give you a 5 star. Oh, and also can you allow store bought skins? It may be to much to ask but please! Add store bought skins and I will be very pleased with this app!
Its awesome and addicted I'm like addicted to it play against the best game I ever had why can't I join like anyone at anytime it's fine I like making my own type of servers and I love it so much
TT S review TT S
Can someone please explain WHY I can't make my own server or join others??? When I try its just blinking black and cyan
沈铭轩 review 沈铭轩
Got some problems,when i join my friends server and the screen flash on n off so i cant go in to the server I cant get in to any servers!!!
JustCrysisJack review JustCrysisJack
Need More Players
When I create a Server, theres no one who Join my Server. I created a server for 3 Hours but no one Join. Its my only Problem. I Hope theres more
AndreGaming GT review AndreGaming GT
The Build Is Good And It's Cool That They Made It That Even You Don't Have Newier Version Of MCPE You Can Still Play With Other People And That's Good That They Added That In This App So That If You Are Only Using APK Version And The New Version 1.2 Needs The App MUST BE DOWBLOADED FROM STORE ONLY So They Needed To Make Older Versions Acceptable For This App Thank You For This Game It Helps Us A Lot
coolboy_ xian review coolboy_ xian
Martin sacdalan review Martin sacdalan
some player japanes that kick me but america philiphine don't kick
GameKiller 0000 review GameKiller 0000
Love love love it
Little Twisted review Little Twisted
I make many amazing maps but I had 2 biggest problems: players deleting blocks and a difficulty setting. Atleast one is fixed, i can now turn off deleting blocks, which helps alot but please add a difficulty setting(that's one of my biggest complaints in my maps I create on multiplayer master
Gerardo Leon review Gerardo Leon
Fix thid
I made a severer thing were fine until all players left for no reason its not that they hated its something that made them leave pus fix this and ill rate you 5 stars