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MegaN64 (N64 Emulator)
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MegaN64 is a very fast N64 emulator. Play your favorite N64 games on your phone!

You need to place your own game files onto the SD card before running this N64 Emulator.

MegaN64 is a modified version of the Open Source project Mupen64+, which is licensed by GNU GPL v3. Modifications include performance enhancements for specific Phone Models such as the Nexus 4 and the Galaxy S4 and small UI improvements.

If you like MegaN64, please donate to the developers of Mupen64+ by purchasing the app here:

For the license, visit

MegaN64 (N64 Emulator) APK reviews

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Kenton Markland review Kenton Markland
Works well with multiple advanced game settings
Some games i have come across dont work but they dont work on other emulators either so its a flaw in the games not this emulator
Joe varela review Joe varela
N64 emulator
Been trying several emulators on my phone to try and stop the sound skipping on some of the game I've downloaded they all seem to be the same please fix and I'll give it five stars..would really like if it could play conkers bad fur day without lag..thats a game I would be pleased to play on my S3...
Mike Beatty review Mike Beatty
Gaming nostalgia realized
This is a great app. It's brought me back to my days playing the N64. There are some very minor things I don't like but its part of how it had to be designed. Other than that I love this app. I recommend anyone to get it.
Ben Fungi review Ben Fungi
This App Is Awesome
I can play N64 games so fast and clear. Some games like Super Smash Bros and Mortal Kombat Is Really Smooth Gameplay
Trevor Reid review Trevor Reid
Good app so far so good let's hope you guys get out the lil glitches itll be way better, best one yet
Hyperhedgehog17 review Hyperhedgehog17
minor bugs
Still needs some work done with the graphics and performance. But it works like a charm
Leo Butchinsky review Leo Butchinsky
Pretty good.
The game had some issues to start out, but I figured it out eventually. This is a good app!
Brian Imperial review Brian Imperial
Amazing perfect contorls and huge libary of games and with a mogs controller its even better :)
Amazing perfect controlls and huge libary of games that will give you the most nostalgia and with a moga controller its even better :)
Owen Knapper review Owen Knapper
Won't shut up
Every time I try to play a game it makes me rate the emulator it's unuseful
Kevin Fuentes review Kevin Fuentes
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Paul Mcclain review Paul Mcclain
!!! The Best!!!
THIS IS YOUR LAST STOP... You have to change the video plug-in built in the app.. (IF YOU DO NOT!! You will be happy for the speed but disappointed in the graphics. After you change setting you will NEVER regret this ONE STOP APP..
killer2o3's gaming. review killer2o3's gaming.
Mega n64
Awesome! This app let's me play all the games I ever wanted to play from the Nintendo 64. There is texture glitches at some points, but nothing serious. They should also add a cartridge tilting option. I am a youtuber, and I rate this app 5 stars. Great job!
Noah Radford review Noah Radford
It works just not perfect
I have the LG lucid 2 and I don't know if it's just not optimized but sound lags a lot. Frame rate is fairly decent. But could be better, if u have any advice pls share cuz I want to play Zelda BAAAD
Dean Reichel review Dean Reichel
Since you don't mind bothering me every time I use this...
You won't mind if I'm objective and not rate this 5/5. The graphics core is fantastic, having so few graphical glitches surprised me, 5/5 there. The sound is great. But I hate almost EVERYTHING about how input is set up. I can't customize the touch button placement like EVERY SINGLE OTHER emulator out there can, so I'm forced to frequently bump the Android home button every time I press C right (wouldn't have this problem with control customization). This is easily annoying enough to drop a star.
James Gannett review James Gannett
Good except for the constant review nag screen.
It's basically Mupen64, but with more game compatibility. Works well on a Galaxy S3. Would give five stars if it would stop nagging me to review it, even after I have.