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LoopStack is the ultimate Android looper.


- 4 independent recordable tracks.
- Combine tracks via drag and drop.
- High quality 44KHz 16bit recording and processing.
- Control volume and reverb effect per-track.
- Automatic latency calibration.
- Built-in metronome.
- Maximum loop time: 32 seconds
- Export mixdown + raw tracks to WAV (unlock key required)

See video below for a demo. It's VERY important to use headphones to keep the recordings clean and stop the app from re-recording itself.

The app will start in trial mode and has the following limitations:

- Loop will reset after 5 minutes.
- Save/Load/Export are disabled.

You can purchase the LoopStack Unlock Key (sold separate) to remove the trial limitations.


This is the first release of LoopStack so if you experience any problems with recording or playback, please write me at the developer email below and we'll work it out.


Storage: LoopStack stores all projects and exported files on your SDcard.
Record Audio: This one should be obvious.
Wake Lock: The app will prevent your device from sleeping when running to avoid audio cutting out if you're jamming along.


Graphics by Alex Cue.

LoopStack APK reviews

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Kiv Sanchez review Kiv Sanchez
Lagging makes this app useless.
I initially bought this app on my Samsung galaxy 3 and it worked great. Then I moved to Sony Xperia Z3 and can't use it because whatever I record has lagged behind the rhythm making it impossible to piece music together. The app is useless until the lag issue is fixed.
Laura Brown review Laura Brown
Great sound!
Everything about it was great, except that for some reason (and I'm not sure if this was just my phone or what) I can't export the files. Also, some of my peices appear to have disappeared from the Load section, but when I go to click they're there... as if the titles were just deleted, but not the track itself. Kind of weird. Anyway, other than that I loved it! Being anle to layer music is something not many apps provide (for some reason) so that's nice!
Sohan Saymum review Sohan Saymum
This is great, but...
First, I would like to thank the developer for this amazing app. I was storming through internet for an alternative of "Loopy" (iOS app) for android. And suddenly I came across this superb app. But, i'm not completely happy, because of the audio quality. Is it my mobile's hardware or the headphone or the app? please, try your best to improve the sound quality. That's all , thanks again.
Luk Tinsen review Luk Tinsen
Timing is Everything.
Lovely little app, definitely fits the bill where an intuitive multi-track is required - I love soloing over a few simple chords for hours, crikey. Only drawback would be the timing delay issue that sometimes occurs, hm. I calibrate and it works, then I go on to make a new track, and... darn. Recalibrate time! Over and over. I'm using an HTC One, and I wonder if the Beats equaliser built into the playback may be causing issues? Either way, lovely program. LOVE CAUSTIC! Keep up the great work!
Adam Davis review Adam Davis
Timing is terrible... Used to work great. Some people have said the timing issue isnt a big deal. THIS IS WRONG. It literally renders the app useless with timing issues. Fix it. You're losing business.
anthony saur review anthony saur
It works well except the timing on the loops is off right at the end of your loop it cuts out recording. Therefore you cannot do a perfect loop which is kind of the entire goal of the software. Fix it and I will rate higher
Dan Kraatz review Dan Kraatz
A good app but it has some flaws
When i record a loop it will record it fine but when i record a second loop the audio is scratchy and it sounds terrible. Please update this or provide troubleshooting please. Also would be great if you could add an option to delete recorded loops.
B Bizzy review B Bizzy
I think for the most part it works great we all need to remember that you are running this on a phone or tablet with how much memory? That's right it's works great for a product on the road or to mess around with when your on your Android platform product. So if your looking to get a perfect studio performer go buy studio performance components it's running on your phone or tablet it works better than I actually expected. I love it for what it's worth.
Peter Kamali review Peter Kamali
Latency issues
Nice, really intuitive interface. Seems it could be a lot of fun for jotting down music ideas, but I find it unusable with latency. Each new track gets shifted further and further back. Can mute everything and record just to the metronome, which helps but that's clunky. Could blame my phone hardware, but the app could compensate for it or let you shift the recorded audio. Will try again with future versions/hardware.
David Hall review David Hall
All I can say is while Loopstack may not be perfect, its by far the best looping/multi track app out there. If anyone doubt rej, look up Caustic 3. Just remember, this is one man. Incredible as always rej.
Ryan Bishop review Ryan Bishop
Waste of data
With the 2 second recording lag it's totally useless. Good thing it's easy to tell how bad it is during the trial.
Brett Schneider review Brett Schneider
Good Looking with Bad Performance.
I installed this app while trying to look for something that would be able to record guitar loops...this is not the app to do it on. Timing is completely off and starts recording what I have played on the second beat almost while I have things played on the first. This is a FATAL flaw in terms of looping apps. If the app cannot start recording right away, the loops sound messy and unorganized. Also, you can't use the free version for more than 5 minutes! Not many people can get a whole lot of looping done in that small amount of time. All in all, I'm very unimpressed with this app, especially after seeing how many times it has been given a 5 star rating.
Jake Tyrna review Jake Tyrna
New problem
Love the app, been using it for months. Lately, however, I've been unable to save any of my tracks. When I go to create a file name, the keyboard doesn't work, making me unable to name the track, thus unable to save it. I purchased the full version on day 1, and this problem jut started this last week so I'm unsure of what to do. Please fix it soon!
Yenitzia Montufar Pulido review Yenitzia Montufar Pulido
But I just had to uninstall and install again, 'cause it stopped working. Also... It'll be good to have a way to erase some of the tracks, just in case you make a mistake. Other than that it's pretty good
Zach Donovan review Zach Donovan
Needs tweaking
I really like this idea, and its done pretty well, except that the timing drift is a fatal flaw if you're live jamming. The sampling and playback are offset by about half a measure, so trying to play along with the loop in order to record a new track results in 2 tracks that don't even come close to lining up. The 8 bar limit is also frustrating. I probably wouldn't have bought the unlock key if I had realized these problems. That being said, if future updates address these, the interface itself is great.