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A whole new way to keep your family safe and sound.
- Locate your family at any time
- Set a flag for the positions, and you'll be notified if your family leaves or arrives this place.

Locate Family APK reviews

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John Norris review John Norris
Potential but has some short comings
Works but has limitations, 1. Can not add family that use a Windows phone. 2. Not sure what the program uses to locate, phone service or wifi use. Does it only update when the family member is connected to a wifi? Because my sister is one of my contacts and she goes out of two for a few days and locate says she is at home and says as of 45min ago when she has been out of town for days. This program needs real time update capability otherwise it is useless.
Shawn Mercier Sr. review Shawn Mercier Sr.
Trouble keep on updating the location each member of family and hard time keeping their status of acceptance of invites. Had to request them over and over again.
Panda Gaming review Panda Gaming
Trying it.
I just tried it(well going to). This isn't a scam for hackers though, is there?? Probably not,right? Please reply to me when you can.
Antoinette Pienaar review Antoinette Pienaar
Nice App but....
Nice app but some little frustrations: 1. The invite only contains a 6 digit codw while yhe app requires a 8 digot code - nowhere to be found. 2. Accepting invotation works fine if the app needs to be reinstalled, but after installation, the next family member link keeps on going to app store, while already installed. 3. The messaging doesn't show in in the app.
Jay Edwards review Jay Edwards
Not reliable
For three days it said my daughter was 45 miles north, when in fact she was home. It never did find her when she was 65 miles north, then when she gets home it did as I mentioned!
Starlight Productionz review Starlight Productionz
When I was at school my parents looked on the app and it told them I was out in the middle of the state when I actually wasn't. It freaked my parents out and then my dad used Google device locater to find out I was in fact where I was supposed to be. I do not suggest this app if you always need to know exactly where your family is.
Michael Monteon review Michael Monteon
Trying it.
I just tried it(well going to). This isn't a scam for hackers though, is there?? Probably not,right? Please reply to me when you can.
claire dionne review claire dionne
Claire bear
Speciallly love the taking. Picture of the person trying to ck out ur private things pictures etc. All in all for a free app. Its pretty thorough. I wonder if they can get picture clearer so i know wat they look like?!
Dominique Garcia review Dominique Garcia
Locate Family - plus more!
It does everything it's supposed to plus identify thieves but taking a selfie stealer and sending it to your email!