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Lingvist: learn a language – fast
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Lingvist is the world’s most innovative language learning app.

It learns about you, then adapts to how you learn best. Try it today and learn French, Spanish, German, Russian, Estonian, and English – fast.

- Adapts to your level in real time
- Learn the most relevant and practical vocabulary (4,000+ words)
- Real-world contexts in sentences created by language specialists
- Context-aware grammar hints and exercises
- Native-sounding virtual voice
- Speech recognition for hands-free learning
- Track and measure your progress
- English courses available from 6 languages
- Cosmos – dark mode!

Our 40+ linguists, scientists, and developers have combined the latest research in machine learning with our industry-leading language courses – all in a smooth, intuitive, and addictive app. Grow your vocabulary and learn a language faster than ever with Lingvist’s cutting-edge tech. Start learning a language today!


Our founder, Mait, started Lingvist while working as a nuclear physicist at CERN in Switzerland. He'd lived in the French-speaking part of the country for years and wanted to expand his social life, but he always found conventional methods a little unengaging and too slow for his liking. He needed a better way to learn French – so, he created a prototype, began learning French, took a high-school language exam, and passed with a strong grade.

Today’s Lingvist is the result of that original idea and its basic principles – and we’ve come a long way since then. Founded in Estonia, we now have over 1 million users and a super-talented and friendly team across offices in Tallinn, London, Berlin, and Tokyo.

We believe anyone can learn a language in a fast and effective way.

Happy learning!



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Kenn Konstabel review Kenn Konstabel
Works well
Excellent app. Everythin works as expected. If there is any "but" to add then it depends on internet connection (speed matters, some functions can be slow with slow connection - but that's life i guess) and it is still imdevelopment (i understand more languages are being added, some words lack translationsetc).
Kadri Tolsberg review Kadri Tolsberg
It works! :)
Marshy Harris review Marshy Harris
Will it have more languages?
I like the idea but why be subjected to only French I think there should be other languages... Like for example Japanese but I do like the concept of the app.
Libotean Sergiu review Libotean Sergiu
Read and Listen functions does not work, they won't load!
Nanditha Sankar review Nanditha Sankar
Lovely app. It's so much fun to learn using this.
I'd like it better if the listening exercises had a translation of sentences. Otherwise great app with a few bugs
Dave Fone review Dave Fone
Only French?
Perhaps I will reinstall when it includes German and more language choices than just French.
Damodar Lohani review Damodar Lohani
Love it
Loved it except, sound does not play automatically and screen freezes most of the times please fix the bug, I love the way it teaches language
Uve Poom review Uve Poom
Vocab builder
Killer-efficiency for building your vocabulary. Excellent UX.
Marco Maher review Marco Maher
Great app
I hope to learn Germany from it
Scott Hunt review Scott Hunt
Love this app
I love the lingvist system and I think this app is right on the money. Looks good and easy to use.
Jim Hague review Jim Hague
I like Lingvist
1974 O level French would have been far less painful and far more useful if I'd had Lingvist then. App has iffy sound on Cyanogen Kitkat S3 same as stock browser. Firefox is fine, so I blame browser.
Hamzh Bani Yunis review Hamzh Bani Yunis
I like it <3
kasem mohamad review kasem mohamad
Good app
heja zaxoy review heja zaxoy
Jason Edgar review Jason Edgar
Lacks structure
Polished app that looks promising but lacks structure and is very difficult to return to. Come back to this app from an extended absence and you will be unable to find where to start things from. Didn't work as a learning tool for me