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Learn French is an easy to use mobile French Phrasebook that will give visitors to France and those who are interested in learning French a good start in the language.


*1000+ common words and phrases.
* Carefully translated list of essential phrases
* Remind learn words or phrases
* No internet connection required

Contains over 1000 essential phrases in the following categories

"General Conversation"
"Time and Date"
"Directions & Places"
"Eating Out"
"Regions and Towns"
"Tourist Attractions"
"Feeling Sick"
"Tongue Twisters"

Developed by Awabe.

Learn French daily - Awabe APK reviews

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A Google user review A Google user
I installed this app to learn french. Its fine but there is only one problem but the problem is a major one... You cannot understand anything they are saying cause they are saying it extremely fast .since I find french very difficult this is just confusing me even more So I can advice you not to install it❌❎?
Siti Aisyah review Siti Aisyah
This application great actually, just I'm getting confuse because the speaker spell all words so fast, how to learn well? So my suggestion is you make it a bit slow, bcs it's not so easy for first learner. Thanks
Usman Ali review Usman Ali
I installed this app for learn French. It's good but one problem it's very fast mean's man speak very fast
Anita Nagy review Anita Nagy
U can set a smarty reminder and the learned expressions pops up on yr phone. I love it!
Sukanya Das review Sukanya Das
It's a very good app for learning French. The characteristic of speaker or voice is beneficial for learning French in an easy & comfortable way within a short span of time.
A Google user review A Google user
It's very nice i m learning French very well as I want ??
A Google user review A Google user
It's a nice app... Nd it really helped me to learn a little bit more French According to me everyone should at least try it once
A Google user review A Google user
I really enjoy this app. But it doesn't teach you everun word in French.
Lila Van Coller review Lila Van Coller
I REALLY it, but could you maybe make a girl voice too???And please let us know what the word is,for example:Pugr.WHAT THE HECK IS PUGR????
Steve Hedemann review Steve Hedemann
Quite inaccurate. "A bientot" means "See you soon." "See you later" is "A plus tard." So how many other mistakes are there?
Dani Desantiago review Dani Desantiago
Spool loving this app. Clear understanding
lil issybug review lil issybug
I love it wene i dont know a word i would fav it and it would give me a reminder so i can now say it a lot better???
Vijay Verma review Vijay Verma
It is an amazing app which help's building ones vocabulary in French ,I love this app! and I love French too!!
A Google user review A Google user
Tank you for your effort in this app. , It's really good app. And I learn from it by easily way. Thank you again .
Shirajilav review Shirajilav
It would be much better, if the pronunciations were slower. It's hard for a beginner to understand this fast speaking.