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Kiwix, Wikipedia offline
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The whole of Wikipedia on your device!

The app is a lightweight piece of software reading bigger files stored on your device or SD card: once it is installed, you can select which additional content you would like to download (Wikipedia, Wiktionary, TED talks, etc.) and be ready for when your internet connexion is bad (or need to be in airplane mode)!

Please read the instructions inside the App or on the website ( to learn about the various contents that are available for download.

Note: Kiwix is also available on regular computers (Windows, Mac, Linux).

Kiwix, Wikipedia offline APK reviews

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elrise darkwynde review elrise darkwynde
Please update some more
It really needs a table of contents feature
Nabeel Ahmed review Nabeel Ahmed
Seems to work perfectly
Downloaded 16 gb Wikipedia backup (no pics) and works fine.
Joel Schantz review Joel Schantz
Latest version never runs successfully
It always crashes on startup, even after reboot. Android 4.3.1 Nook HD+ The previous version of kiwix ran fine.
Paweł Bobrowicz review Paweł Bobrowicz
Pablo G. review Pablo G.
New version crashes just on startup. Galaxy N4. SOLVED!! Uninstall old version and reinstall and now it is fine. Thank you for the support !!!
David Craig review David Craig
Yes, thanks. Reinstall solved the problem.
Nikola Manza review Nikola Manza
Thanks kiwix
Meng Zhu review Meng Zhu
Fast to load, easy to use.
Sorena NC review Sorena NC
Great app; but I'm a perfectionist, so I want fuzzy search and word suggestions, results from all available ZIM sources on the device with the name of the source mentioned and all other features one can think of for this kinda app. For me this app can be an offline internet with a google of its own :) this can be and should be :)
Jigoko Shounen review Jigoko Shounen
give it a 5
the .zim english simple file that is 119mb is a good file for me... i got a low end phone and this got me going... i just hope that you guys can give us low size mb .zim on other topics... but for me that want a quick access on infoemation... then this is the best... and above all IT IS OFFLINE
Sheria Serge review Sheria Serge
This app is crappy
Can't even get zim files with the contents I want.
Nik Exynos review Nik Exynos
Oh my god.....this is awesome
Height of awesomeness...... Everything ever known to man is in my note 3.
Ghulam Dustgeer review Ghulam Dustgeer
Great App
There is no other app like it on the entire Playstore. All the articles open very fast.
Mohiuddin Basha review Mohiuddin Basha
It's good to know that we can use it without internet
meh Pa review meh Pa
Very useful app. Only one bug, the app doesn't remember font size changing in setting please fix that.