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Kingdoms Mobile - Total Clash
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Your world is in chaos! Your once great kingdom now fights for its life against a scourge of mighty monsters! Treasure-rich lands need a hero forged in fire and magic; a giant among mortals with steel for muscles and courage for blood! Winning back these lands and restoring your kingdom to its former glory will require a brilliant strategic mind, deft battle skills, and the might of epic alliances. Are you the Hero your kingdom needs?

Kingdoms Mobile is the latest, innovative, real-time-strategy game from IGG, the award-winning makers of global hits Lords Mobile and Castle Clash.
Command your own team of fearless Heroes! Send them into battle with millions of troops!
Fight in unique, borderless battles wherever and whenever you want in a massive world of kingdoms!
● Perfect your strategy to survive! Only the most cunning of players will find victory!
Learn from your mistakes! Re-live dynamic battle videos - no boring battle reports!
Create or Join Guilds packed with players who share your goals and passion!
● Chat in any language! Communication is no longer a barrier with Kingdoms Mobile's built-in translation tool!
Take Control of powerful cities as you rise to become the ultimate ruler!
Build your own fortress and collect riches fit for a king!
● Only through power, respect, and allegiance will you win the ultimate fantasy strategy war!

Note: This game requires an internet connection to play.
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Kingdoms Mobile - Total Clash APK reviews

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Stephen Nestor review Stephen Nestor
This game is awesome.but developers will please contact daydreamz there many companies that supports him like elex wireless games Amazon and there's many more that sponsor him only way I know how to contact him I on YouTube just search daydreamz clash of Kings I told him about this game I would really like to see him support it and make you tube videos witch will bring players to the game
Pc Sangtea review Pc Sangtea
U need make more world, more with more atlantis... there's only 3 world that is ruled by only the same guild over a year... Please develop a new world as muach as possible.... There should be atleast 100 worlds....
Semy Seb review Semy Seb
Nice game
Mitrut Orlando review Mitrut Orlando
Forcing portrait mode renders the game unplayable for me.
Balaji S review Balaji S
Too many users already reached castel level 30 very fast. It may be a test data or loop hole in this game
asib sheikh review asib sheikh
This game need lots of update. it shows my guild members offline for 300 days.
Jesamine Myrton review Jesamine Myrton
Don't waste your time downloading this game. I have serious issues on my account and no help from IGG. Stuff keeps disappearing from my inventory and developer's say it's not their problem. Even after submitting screen shots of my issue.. I have received no compensation and the problem is not resolved. I know of many others having the same issue.
Michael Bryan Lim review Michael Bryan Lim
Failed to connect to server! I lost my troops because of this error. I already uninstalled and installed the app but still same error
Tyom BArrett review Tyom BArrett
I didn't get to choose my faction or race.... That makes me really sad because that's what drew me into this game
Juan Agosto review Juan Agosto
Please update the game. Bring back the npc attacks. World 2 is so peaceful.
War Phoenix review War Phoenix
I wish that when a dev says a specific time frame, they'd keep to it. When they extend these periods, it causes problems for players. Seriously, how does a 4 hour maintenance take 8 hours?
Nomis Yrduaeb review Nomis Yrduaeb
The K11 is there since 2 months, still no K12. But they hadn't advice us. I've bought 3 passports on 3 different accounts to get prepared for that, but I won't be able to use them
frozen heart review frozen heart
Keep up the good work i hope sigh
Sambit Sen review Sambit Sen
Just awesome.... A must play.... Easy to grow.......... Takes bit more time but I don't mind..... But introduce more heroes and also show heroes fighting when we hit other castle
Nah Yea review Nah Yea
Can type in words so just one will do AWSOME game it doesn't take much to get up and running plus you have fun with your friends and family around the world 👑