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Justice League Action Run
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Ready to take on the world’s meanest villains? Here’s your chance to hand pick your own team of Justice League Action heroes set the bad guys on the run! And between missions, you can catch your breath—watch videos, learn amazing character facts, and read the best comic books in the universe!

You’re the team leader, and there’s a lot to do:
• RUN, jump, slide, dodge, fly, and blast your way through 150 mission-based levels.
• SWAP heroes during your missions (why stick with one superpower or ability?)
• FIGHT bosses at the end of each chapter and thwart their evil plans.
• UPGRADE and customize your heroes with new costumes, abilities, gear, and superpowers.
• EARN tokens to level up and unlock new heroes and more rewards.
• WATCH videos, shorts, clips, and tutorials for Justice League Action and other DC Kids shows.
• READ the latest DC news, announcements, character facts, and digital comic books.

It’s your world—make your choices!
HEROES: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Firestorm, Cyborg, Hawkman, Swamp Thing, The Flash.
VILLAINS: Joker, Darkseid, Lex Luthor, Harley Quinn, and Lobo
BATTLEGROUNDS: Gotham City, Metropolis, Apokolips

This app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app.

Justice League Action Run APK reviews

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Morgan Heald review Morgan Heald
Can't defeat Lex Luther in level 34. Won't let me press the blue, acts like I'm not trying. Also, switching lanes lags, too. Please fix, we love this game!! UPDATE APP!!!!
David Price review David Price
The game seems weird, I was trying to throw 125 batarangs but I still got 12 batarangs. You're right, this game needs some fixing.
Shayna Lerner review Shayna Lerner
The game itself is very fun and entertaining. When are you going to add more heroes (Constantine, Zatanna, etc.) and villains (Cheetah, Toyman, etc.)?
Kaida Sashiba review Kaida Sashiba
It won't proceed after I defeated Mongul no matter how many times I tap the screen. I restart the game, my progress is gone.
Chris Wainaina review Chris Wainaina
Perfect . I love it so much.
Chinwe Asuzu review Chinwe Asuzu
It is a fun game
anitha ramachandra review anitha ramachandra
Best DC game
Add On999 review Add On999
Fully faltu
Surendra Sapkota review Surendra Sapkota
It doesn't work on the lex Luther chapter final mission pls help
Adam Runner review Adam Runner
Good game but. ...... It needs some work. For example the boss fight is boring and no special rewards or event's. I like the characters but batman voice is way of. What you need to do is to but more characters like character from certain movie or a TV show like cw arrow or the flash maybe the one from 1992 show to and more special events and the in game store need some work to. Have a look at spider man unlimited game there is some good ideas there. You got a very good idea and a popular characters if you guys did it right people well be willing to spend money on it, I hope I helped
Joe Karman review Joe Karman
Couldn't even get into the game because of all the "required" changes to my settings. I ended up in an endless loop Turing something off then turning something else on only to be stunted by the first thing never turning off. It's just a running game why do you need all this fancy stuff done?
Jon Crawford review Jon Crawford
Justice League Laggy Run - Subway Surfers this isn't. Move left or right, wait half a second then before your character moves you crash. I bet this was a straight iOS port and it hasn't been optimised for Android. Next time devs write it from the ground up for 'Droid.
Hani Farrukh review Hani Farrukh
Fun runners game but starting to freeze when I try to fight lex Luther can't play that mission. Needs more heroes
Christopher Yap review Christopher Yap
Nice graphics. Laggy as hell with tapping and moving, which kills the overall game experience. Also seems like every screen has a long load time. Spiderman Unlimited is a good example of how tap feedback should be, smooth and legless, also no long load times between screens. I wanted to like this game, but your devs have made it impossible with this poor gameplay experience.
Garrison Sims review Garrison Sims
The controls are laggy and all you do is the same task on and on and on but with a different villain. There should be villains like Harley Quinn, Catwoman and other females not just males. More playable characters.Maybe when you defeat the villain in a certain way or a number of times then you get to play as them.But its good as it isat the moment i think other people would like my ideas maybe not. Garrison