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Interact with live streaming data from the International Space Station (ISS), Take virtual 3D tours of the Mission Control Center (MCC) and ISS, and View console displays, crew and science timelines for a fun, educational experience with NASA.

– Live streaming data from the ISS onboard systems and mission timelines
– Crew and Science timelines with individual crewmember, social media, and international science experiment details
– Console displays with live streaming systems data and educational material to describe how the ISS works
– Virtual Mission Control Center is a 3D replica of the MCC in Houston, TX organized to describe how the mission control team supporting the ISS work
– Links to the five International Partner Space Agencies mission information
– Educational lessons that interact with the live streaming system data accessible through the website link

ISSLive!: ISS Mission Control in Your Pocket

International Space Station Live! or ISSLive! includes a website and mobile applications that tie ISS streaming systems data and operational timelines into one “Rich Internet Application (RIA)” experience. The application offers data on real time parameters such as station position, internal environment, altitude, payload rack science activities and other interesting data and crew activities. ISSLive! ties this data into an interactive application which includes the latest social media feeds.

ISSLive! contains a scrollable timeline, with a ‘public-friendly’ view of crew and payload activities. It uses some of the latest interactive web content technologies, including 3D interactive virtual views of the MCC and ISS. ISSLive! is a “one-stop shop” for ISS data, letting users in on the fascinating activities that happen daily onboard the ISS.

Working with the NASA Education Office, ISSLive! content serves as the basis for development of interactive lessons in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields. ISSLive! is also a resource for the space enthusiast, the educator, and the life-long learner to participate in the mission of the ISS.

ISSLive APK reviews

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Al Mann review Al Mann
Falsely described. waste
Horrible interface. App is nothing as advertised in description. Don't waste your time.
Sean Brotherton review Sean Brotherton
FC on vzwgs5. Can't even open it. Reinstalled and got same. C'mon now...
Antony Cook review Antony Cook
Non starter
I'm sure it's great, but FC on first and subsequent runs. Report sent.
Ivan Frendo review Ivan Frendo
Dose not work. When i open it, it comes up with a msg saying iss has stopped working.
A Banitaba review A Banitaba
Does not work
Does not even open on Samsung S5
Rob Dobson review Rob Dobson
Does not work with Sprint S5. will not open.
Bryan Smith review Bryan Smith
Won't even open...install...reinstall.... Restart dice...stopped
Vivek Raj Aryal review Vivek Raj Aryal
Cant open app!
Unfortunately, ISS Live! has stopped. Cannot launch app. Nexus 4 - 5.1.1
Andrew Orel review Andrew Orel
Not only does the app crash on startup, it takes system UI with it. Worse than Challenger.
A Google User review A Google User
Not so Fantappstic for Lollipop.
Was excellent on Gingerbread. Won't even start on Lollipop.
Eddie Jr review Eddie Jr
This app won't even open.
Don't waste your time trying, it doesn't work on anything! It won't even open! It's a crAPP!
Gary Stallcup review Gary Stallcup
App does not work on Galaxy S6 at all
frank s review frank s
This application does not work
Mike Clark review Mike Clark
Instantly crashing as soon as it opens. Dear NASA, I will volunteer as tribute. We all know Alien life exists and many of us are ready. As technology gets better your secrets will be exposed. So stop hiding the truth and release all information you have on Alien life. Trust me, I am the one that will calm the storm.
Dave Morris review Dave Morris
Doesn't work at all
On nexus 5 and lollipop