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Tap into the world's largest social network for readers with the Goodreads Android app! Read thousands of book reviews by your friends and other Goodreads members, keep a virtual bookshelf of what you've read, and build your to-read list as you discover great books on the app.

Goodreads is a free service for everyone who reads. We have more than 35 million members who have added more than 1 billion books.

* Search, rate, and review any book in our catalog of more than 12 million books.
* See book reviews and updates from your friends, and comment on them.
* Browse your shelves! Next time you are deciding what to read, your to-read list will be handy.
* Add status updates and page number updates for books you are currently reading.
* Use the barcode scanner to quickly scan all of your books onto your Goodreads shelves.
* Also use the scanner to quickly access book information while on the go.
* Find your address book contacts or Facebook friends on Goodreads

You can use the basic features of this app without a Goodreads account, but sign in or sign up (you can do this in the app) for the best experience!

Why does Goodreads need the READ_CONTACTS permission?
You may choose to use your Android Contacts to find which of your family and friends are already on Goodreads. Your contacts will not be read unless you explicitly choose to do this.

Goodreads APK reviews

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Leyen Trang review Leyen Trang
I'm having trouble with making sure my reading challenge is up to date. I had 8 books so far today but noticed that I couldn't pull up the list of books I've read this year via reading challenge bc I hadn't read any?? So I added the date read date and it didn't save so it erased my 8 books. I switched to the mobile app and it says I have 12 books read for the reading challenge. I pulled up the website and it says 17 books read so u fixed that and now everything is working... But why was it so complicated?
Andrew Grzybowski review Andrew Grzybowski
Won't give me recommendations
Both the website and the app won't give any recommendations, I've rated nearly 50 titles...
Barbora Jiřincová review Barbora Jiřincová
I don't want to see the recommended books the first thing. If I want to find new books I would use a button for that. On my wall I want to see news about my friends and so on. I want to see the same wall as there is when I use e web version.
Jessica McKee review Jessica McKee
Love this app
This app has helped me find and keep track of the books I have read and want to read and it's easy to use total amazing would recommend to book lovers everywhere
Dilni review Dilni
I really like this site. It's helpful in tracking your reading. Everything works well for me but it's clear they favour iOS over android. The iOS version of the app is nicely laid out with smooth transitions from page to page but the android version is slow and is not user friendly. You need to get through several pages of painfully slow loading pages to finish and rate a book. I don't like the design of the android version at all, it's so basic and difficult to navigate if you haven't already been using it for a while. I'll be uninstalling this app until it gets better.
Jonathan Billups review Jonathan Billups
The good read app is better on my iPad than it is on my android devices. I would like for the change of editions to be added to the app.
Kristen Lesperance review Kristen Lesperance
This app is embarressing compared to the iPhone version. I hate that I cannot choice the edition of the books, I can't view details of the book, I can't see the title of the books I am reading like the ISO version, the app is not appealing at all. I called it primitive to a friend, I cannot search in the search by genre or view the lists. Does goodreads think that Android users don't enjoy books as much as ISO users and so the app shouldn't be as good quality. I really hope that Goodreads updates this app to reflect their site and the I so version as I am a huge fan. Of course goodreads upgrades their iSO app but here we are sitting at the at this Crappy app. If I could give less than one star I would.
Seth Duncan review Seth Duncan
Great app, but almost unusable
Super slow loading time and some funky UI decisions make this app painful to use. Sincerely hope it gets an overhaul soon.
Holly P review Holly P
Love this app! Gives series & book info and has reader reviews. Helps me determine what I want to read.
Ian O'Loughlin review Ian O'Loughlin
It's good but quotes is a missing feature. You can't search quotes, use a browser and go into the app. Want to find your quotes, use a browser. If I'm using the browser so much like I have to do to see my reading challenge progress too. I'm failing to see the purpose of this app.
Angel Tian review Angel Tian
ISBN scanner is great
My must-have tool when I'm at the library or book store so I can scan and read reviews without having to type out full names. And if I like the book I add it to my shelf right away either to buy or save for later.
Rosemary Niehus review Rosemary Niehus
Today's update is a disaster.
After updating on my Samsung Note 2, I am no longer able to view books searched and consequently, all other functions are disabled like adding to my currently reading list. The app hangs entirely. Very disappointing.
Skyler Daniel review Skyler Daniel
Runs insanely slow. Not user friendly. Confusing. Crashes. Fantastic concept but I guess they just won't invest any effort into making it into a decent application.
Ashraf Bashir review Ashraf Bashir
Hangs on tablets (since latest update in 22 mar 16) , when opening any book review, it keeps loading forever .... that's a killer-bug
Brittannie Millowick review Brittannie Millowick
I'm new to the ap but on my Galaxy s7 it is clunky and slow. Some friends have it on iPhone and it seemed to work much better