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GLOBE Observer invites you to make observations about the Earth around you. Observations you collect and submit with this app are used by scientists to validate, interpret, and understand satellite data collected by NASA from space.

The current version includes two capabilities. GLOBE Clouds allows observers to make regular observations of the Earth’s cloud cover and compare it to NASA satellite observations. GLOBE Mosquito Habitat Mapper allows users to locate mosquito habitats, observe and identify mosquito larvae, and reduce the potential threat of mosquito borne disease.

By using the GLOBE Observer app, you are joining the GLOBE community and contributing important scientific data to NASA and GLOBE, your local community, and students and scientists worldwide. The Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) Program is an international science and education program that provides students and the public worldwide with the opportunity to participate in data collection and the scientific process, and contribute meaningfully to our understanding of the Earth system and global environment.

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Benjamin Gallagher review Benjamin Gallagher
I love the idea of it. However the app doesn't work the way it should. App doesn't update location to schedule satellite overflights correctly, so I miss oberservations when I travel. When taking pictures, the compass seems off by 90 degrees. The cloud oberservations and entry are a bit cumbersome and confusing.
A Google user review A Google user
I really want to contribute, and there are aspects of this that are fun. Taking pictures of the sky is fun, but there should be a compass calibration button to adjust if it is not accurate - I regularly get 90 degree variance, even after calibrating in other apps. Reporting the cloud cover is too complicated, it takes too long, and those without extensive weather training won't be able to distinguish between the options. Pare down what data you collect, focusing on what's most important. Perhaps have basic and advanced report options.
Valentino Jopoetro review Valentino Jopoetro
At first when im read the news i really want to help NASA by taking photos of the clouds. Then im download it and im very excited too take the photos but after when the app have been downloaded. I must make account. The problem is in the country there is NO Indonesia. How do we gonna help NASA if there is none of our country ?. Please fix it. Cause i really want to help NASA
Leon Raffale review Leon Raffale
Well, i read the news that we can help NASA by uploading clouds in my neighborhood, so i download this app. Unfortunatly, i stuck in account register because my country is not on the list. I still give 5 stars because i like the idea to make the earth better.
Derek Marsden review Derek Marsden
Notifications need to come way in advance as by time ive gone through all the options to the point where i take photos the satellite has passed by 5 minutes ago. Would be nice to be able to EXIT the app instead of force closing it everytime.
A Google user review A Google user
It's get stuck and cannot upload the observation properly but I love idea of NASA and hope they will solve the problems. ?Love the idea of this app.only one problem it's tricky and will waste our time anyway I will upload all 30 days review I love this survey.pls solve the problems faster
Dust P review Dust P
Great app.i loved the idea of it so i got on board, i think you need to update the country's regional listing so alot of others can join in and enjoy it as well, apparently Indonesia, iraq and a few others are missing out.tis a pitty,other wise great job on the app guys ??
Katharine Beaver review Katharine Beaver
I keep getting an error that locks up the app when trying to upload a picture. I am not sure if I can submit my survey answers with this error, but will keep trying. Black error box pops up in screen saying "watchHeadingSuccess FAILED!!!" with an "ok" option, however box will not clear the screen. Hoping there is a fix because I'd like to participate!
corinthus rirong review corinthus rirong
I would really like to contribute into this program but I'm stuck at the sign up process which my country is not in the list (Malaysia). I can't simply just take any country as your data may inaccurate..
gadis mahardika permatasari review gadis mahardika permatasari
The app is great. But when i'm about to register the app, i wanna select my country (indonesia) but there was not exist. I hope that the next time indonesia can enter into an option on the application.
A Szami Ilman review A Szami Ilman
I cant sign up because NASA do not recognize my country INDONESIA as country origin. I mean... how come can you notice a country as big as mine???
Xiao Jing review Xiao Jing
How to participate this project if I can't found my country at this system??? Indonesia..... I am so disappointed can't found my country.... I am really want to help NASA. I hope I can found my country name after updating this app. Thank you....
Jun Nimm review Jun Nimm
Hey! Did you forgot to add my country? Please add Indonesia on the country list so I can create an account and participate. Thanks.
A Google user review A Google user
The first time I know this app, I'm very excited, and I immediately install this app, but when I try to register, I'm sad, I don't find my country Indonesia in the list of countries. I'm just wondering, how can? I really want to help NASA
veni k review veni k
Pretty disappointed because Indonesia is not in the country list. I was about to sign up but I don't find Indonesia there

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