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Welcome to Ghost Town!

Start an incredible journey into the cursed city and unveil the story of haunted houses! Adventures, riddles, unsolved secrets and mystical stories await you!

Key games features

🎃 Side stories If you like narrative and want more, you will like lots of the side quests that reveal all aspects of game. Every update brings new exciting stories and episodes.
🎃 Unique gameplay: Explore mysterious houses and reveal the secret of Ghost Town.
🎃 Detective plot and beautiful story of the mysterious Ghost Town.
🎃 A new friend: Meet Anna — brave little witch who can solve any riddles!
🎃 More than 100 characters with mysterious stories and riddles - only you can reveal their secrets!
🎃 Dangerous enemies — Tricky ghosts, mysterious spooks and the main villain - the Dramatist.
🎃 Exciting alchemy — Mix the magic ingredients and get magic potions.
🎃 Hidden objects — Look for and find loopholes and hidden paths, secrets, treasures and magic gems!
🎃 Dialogues — Talk in many episodes with characters, make you own choices.
🎃 Fight — Fight evil spirits, zombies, carnivorous plants, frozen giants, my singing monsters, etc.

The plot of our game is quite simple and at the same time extraordinarily challenging. The mysterious Dramatist sent a spell to a mysterious city populated with kind and affable ghosts. The villain forces the unfortunate ghosts to perform unfamiliar roles in his mystical production. Together with the fearless sorceress Anna help them to throw off the terrible masks and return peace to the city!
You have to go through a lot of tests, solve many mysteries and reveal the veil of secrecy that enveloped the city. Only then good will finally be able to triumph over evil.

Meet new characters and enjoy the best gameplay in Ghost Town!

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Ghost Town Adventures: Mystery Riddles Game APK reviews

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Tiana Hyland review Tiana Hyland
Everything was great until I got to the gardener's house(the 3rd house) it refuses to load past 1% no matter how long I wait. I closed the program reopened it nothing changed. I cleared the data started again still no change. I finally uninstalled and reinstalled but nothing.
Angie Grant review Angie Grant
Ghost Town Adventure
Good game!
Very mysterious
Ashley Lewis review Ashley Lewis
Too glitchy
There's always an issue with this game. Every time I go to storage- the game freezes at 85%. Also while in houses, the game will glitch and I can't complete a task. For example, a ghost will be hidden under a pile of trash. I can't remove the trash because a ghost is in the way. Can't vanquish the ghost because the trash is directly over it. This game could be more fun if it ran more efficiently.
Ok 😉
Megan Zakrison review Megan Zakrison
Fantastic game!
I love this game, great to pass time and it's addicting! The ONLY thing I don't like is that the cauldron takes an hour on each of anything you craft and not everyone has the money to buy crystals everytime and to buy the other 2 cauldrons and you can't really win that many crystals! Other than that, I love this game!
Atika Ramlan review Atika Ramlan
Very good and addictive game. Love the story and side games. UNFORTUNATELY, I think the fairy is such a waste. It was definitely rigged to make sure we don't win the dolls and other stuff that need to be created by the cauldron. Because of it also, I don't play the side games since i don't have enuff time to prepare all. Such a killjoy.
Nicole ol review Nicole ol
Unfortunately I contacted customer support multiple times and they never replied. It's a shame because I thoroughly enjoy the game and I don't want to proceed until the issue is resolved. *update* thank you for the reply. They finally contacted me and found a solution for the loss of data.
Janner Chick review Janner Chick
Great game
I really enjoy playing this game. The cauldrons take an hour to create a resource, but because I play it mainly on my phone and get a notification that my resource is ready, I make another one even if I'm not playing the game. Helps build them up so you can get through quests a bit quicker. You don't run out of energy either which is good. My only issue is that the game on my tablet doesn't sync with my phone so I'm 12 levels behind on the tablet.
Charlotte Williams review Charlotte Williams
I was really enjoying the game but my issue is how many craft items you have to use, once you get to a certain point its pretty much impossible to play if you don't spend real money on crystals or craft items, this lets the game down for me. Unless you have real money to spend on this game don't bother downloading its quite disappointing.
Vicki Morgan review Vicki Morgan
This game just leaves a lot to be desired. It takes so long to create all the charms and stones to advance. I only have this because my cat likes to watch. This is just as frustrating and terrible as the pc version I played and abandoned on Facebook. I plan to uninstall as soon as my cat loses interest in the movements.
none ya review none ya
From 3 stars, to 1 (rated high so review is seen)
It's a real shame. I liked this game and was starting to find it more interesting...then cauldrons came. You get one and it takes at least an hour to make one item and you need tons for every single quest. Basically, either you are into doing literally a couple taps every hour and consider that fun, or you are going to be spending tons of real money. Fail.
Marcie Hawkins review Marcie Hawkins
Good concept. Thought it was great at first, but it has several glitches, that require you to craft items multiple times before you can use them ... then, you have to purchase the ingredients to recraft them. Also, furnishing the house takes too long, and the furniture looks terrible.The game keeps moving the ball, so you will spend money. Frustrating.
Ashley Rose review Ashley Rose
I like it but.......
Its a great game fun to play but it is very hard to advance in the game if you don't spend money on gems or have 24/7 to be playing the game. The storage room doesn't give you enough supplies to make what you need to advance. I finished the main part of the game but not the extra quests because I cant get enough supplies to make what I need so I have decided to get rid of the game. Too bad because I really liked it.
Twig Hetfield review Twig Hetfield
It's a great app but like everyone else the crafting is a big issue. Despite the chests, daily bonus, & video ads you can never get enough of certain materials to help you progress. So you're forced to buy more crystals or you have to wait & wait. What i think a simple solution would be is to add an area like a park to just farm for materials & have the park reset after a certain amount of time for you to get more materials.