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Flashlight free app. It has beautiful combination of flashlight and clock. This is the brightest, simple and very useful camera led flashlight and clock app. Never be caught in the dark without a light again.

- Camera LED flashlight : Use camera LED as a light source. LED flashlight
- Screen flashlight : Use screen as a light source. You can change colors and brightness. Color flashlight
- Transparent flashlight : ‘Camera + flashlight’ enables you to see even the dark and narrow space like under the furniture.
- Digital clock : Watch the big digital clock while using phone as a flashlight.

- Camera, Flashlight : Camera flash, LED light, Camera view
- Internet, Access network state : Ads

Flashlight APK reviews

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Michele Pearson review Michele Pearson
Flashlight & Clock
I like the changes of the colors.
Lisa Coleman review Lisa Coleman
Nice bright light... Love this for dropped items, in the car, at home etc. Goof app
Gabe Foxe review Gabe Foxe
This is very helpful when you need to look under something
Vladimir Semionovas review Vladimir Semionovas
Very good app. I use it all the time
Jennifer lynn review Jennifer lynn
something I can really use.... always looking for stuff, just my luck lol n this helps a lot ?
Philong Ho review Philong Ho
Useful flashlight
It is very convenient I can use both flashlight and clock at the same time. I love it.
hassan dere review hassan dere
I like it, it's very very helpful,
Thank you very much
Mduduzi Zulu review Mduduzi Zulu
Very bright and clear
It's so bright and clear, can't ask for more
Paul Jackson review Paul Jackson
Actually works doesn't close all of sudden.
Punjabi Munda review Punjabi Munda
Useful app
But light off when ,Mobile is locked ....please do something.
Melanie Fausett review Melanie Fausett
I really like this flashlight! And the options to change screen color.
Kids Segovia review Kids Segovia
I like it, but I need to be a little brighter.
it's okay, it just needs to be a little brighter.
Mathew Arthur review Mathew Arthur
Good app
It does what it says it would, without gliches.
Marquis Williams review Marquis Williams
U know that I b dta street team ent the money back when you get off send me tha money..
Ajith Sanjeewa review Ajith Sanjeewa
Good but
Time shows in half from the digits. I want to show in full digits.