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Evernote for Dolphin
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Allows you to quickly clip the content from any website and upload directly to your Evernote account. Stay productive by keeping the full webpage content you want to refer to later in the cloud.

Evernote for Dolphin is an exclusive Add-on for Dolphin Browser.
Just search Dolphin Browser in Android Market or download here: http://bit.ly/D-Android

Bookmarks Widget is an exclusive Add-on for Dolphin Browser. For more Add-ons, visit: http://bit.ly/AndroidAdd-onList

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Evernote for Dolphin APK reviews

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C.M. Brandenburg review C.M. Brandenburg
Poor, unstable version of Everclip.
Dian Torres review Dian Torres
slow to save
Ric Brown review Ric Brown
Hasn't worked yet
Page unsupported... too big. This extension is useless.
John J Marchetti review John J Marchetti
Because of this add-on Dolphin has become my default browser. The only thing that I wish it would do is sort the notebooks in alphabetical order instead of the order that they were created.
Paul Pierce review Paul Pierce
Works great with evernote. This little add-on fixes one of my biggest gripes with mobile plateforms - the difficulty in web clipping to evernote. It has worked seamlessly for me on a Galaxy Note 3.
David Lloyd review David Lloyd
Web Clipper is why I use Dolphin. When the Web Clipper doesn't work, there's no point using a browser. However, I can't give it five stars because: "Upload failed" message is common, and there is no information to remedy the error. However, the problem was resolved by turning off caching. Since all of my notebooks are grouped, it's nearly impossible to find the appropriate notebook, because groups are not displayed. Notebook names are meaningless without the group name for context. Please fix this app so notebook groups are displayed.
Allen Baker review Allen Baker
They make you login/renew over and over again every few weeks which is supposed to be good for a year according to the email they send you. I have spoken to Dolphin and Evernote about this, and both could care less. They obviously do not use this pathetic excuse of an app themselves. Also, this app provides nearly no functionality/options. It's useless. Great job, for nothing, Evernote/Dolphin. Web Page Clipper costs but is everything this app should be, and is available for use in all browsers.
Jan Vackar review Jan Vackar
I am a big lover of Evernote, but when I tried to clip a couple of websites via this addon-it always says that the site is too big to clip! :(
Duane Aubin review Duane Aubin
When adding tags to a clipping, it would be great if I could enter a few letters and see just the tags that have the letters, rather than having to scroll through the entire list and checkbox the ones I want. Otherwise, this is an essential and valued tool.
M A Parry review M A Parry
The add on on NEXT Browser is the best, and on Boat Browser it's the next best. And on Dolphin it's not so good : rarely works. Kindly fine tune it or forget it!
Tom Doan review Tom Doan
It would get 5 stars if (1) it allows you to clip large articles like the Chrome extension, and (2) it has options to clip selected text, entire page, simple article, screenshot, or URL (bookmark) like the Chrome extension.
Brian Swanson review Brian Swanson
Doesn't work says even small web pages are too big to clip. Same page works fine in Dolphin for iOS clipper.
Jeff Cameron review Jeff Cameron
I have to relog back into evernote practically every time I need to use it. Also, I am aggravated by the pages size limitations.
Mark Saluta review Mark Saluta
Every web page is too large to clip. Everyone seems to have the same issue. Garbage.
Steve Ruttenberg review Steve Ruttenberg
Forces you to clip entire page then claims it's too big.