ES Task Manager (Task Killer ) APK

ES Task Manager (Task Killer )
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One of the most popular task killers on Android.

Main Features:
►Save Battery
►Free Memory
►Kill Task
►Uninstall App
►Speed up the phone
►View device Info


*Uninstall the older version first before installation if you meet issues(such as widget disappear, cannot start,...).

*Add important app to ignore list to avoid to be killed!

*Support 19 languages.

*Any issue please contact us by email: [email protected]

ES Task Manager (Task Killer ) APK reviews

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JP Robert review JP Robert
Agree with other posts
Recent update is terrible. Used for years with no problems. Old widget was fine - new one seems less responsive, requests root, shows percentage used instead of mem avail. Trying to look slicker, just became more cumbersome.
Ralph Jauregui review Ralph Jauregui
Loved you guys for an ad-free environment. Our love is on the rocks now. Please remove the ads, I wanna love you again.
Mais S review Mais S
Latest update bad idea
What used to be a nice quiet widget on my home page is now an ugly widget with annoying pop-ups when I use it to clear memory. So much for ad free...I still get an annoying pop up telling me to open the app!! Uninstalling after all these years...
Nic Mertes review Nic Mertes
It's been ruined for me
This has been one of my goto apps s since I got into Android. Now the new widget only shows a percentage instead of available memory any running processes, which was more informative, and every time you run it there's a terribly intrusive full screen ad.
giulio canozo review giulio canozo
Previous widget style were fine, only maybe add some new style one... new widget with % instead physical ram number is not for me, pop up window with available ram after kill takes time.. now ES look like all other task killer.. not unique anymore, add option of old style widget, maybe new style be optimal for all old customers... thank you.
Noel Castillo review Noel Castillo
Totally loved it...before the update
Ads after clearing ram? As if they don't use RAM resources to begin with... Can't change the widget now and by default, it only show RAM in percentage (I want to see my actual RAM count like before). The small text in the lower mid of the screen that notifies cleaning is now a glorified bar on top that is used as a pitiful excuse to show the ads. It sucks having to wait for that bar to disappear along with the ad banner it carries. Slows everything in the entire usage of my device. I've chosen this manager because of it's speed, simplicity and convenience but now... Wrong move guys, wrong move. Well after more than 3 years of using this app. Sad but I will uninstall this if not changed back after the next update.
marc tatham review marc tatham
Ads and freezes phone
I use to love this app and widget. But now when I use it, it freezes my phone temporarily and then displays an ad. Unbelievable! Will be uninstalling soon unless this gets put back to the way it was.
Timothy Nogoski review Timothy Nogoski
Was good
New update added ads. ES could have charged for this task killer. It was great. Now it just ad blasts my phone. I uninstalled it and now trying some competitor apps.
Kaigee Teh review Kaigee Teh
New update pop out bother me...
Please either charge or atleast dont do advertisement while pressing the widget icon...
Sophie Thompson review Sophie Thompson
Awful with ads
I wouldn't mind paying a small fee so I don't have to see them but no option to.
A Google User review A Google User
Time to find a new task manager
Updated to new version. Holy crap load of advertising. No options to remove. I'd Gladly pay $2 to remove ads. Time to find a new task manager after 5 years of using.
Kenny Elrick review Kenny Elrick
Was a great app until the latest update, now full of ads. DELETED
Steph Smith review Steph Smith
Have agree with other.. Ads are bad
Have been using this app and file Explorer for years. Will be stopping now due to the inclusion of ads with no way to go ad free.
Donald Bélec review Donald Bélec
New widget apperance is completely useless
I hate the new widget. I like to see the amount of memory, not the percentage. Stupid decision to change without giving a choice. Bad decisions are making what was a good app into a crappy one. Uninstalling.
Dalin Bahr review Dalin Bahr
Can't recommend anymore
This use to be my one and only task manager. Now there are ads and more ads. If I use the widget, there is a full screen animated notification with a massive ad. I can no longer recommend this app. This app use to be one of the first 5 apps I install on my devices. The widget use to be plain and simple. Sadly, this isn't the case anymore. Get rid of the fancy animations, and full screen crap, and the percentage value and bring back the older widget icon!