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The all-new Edmodo app has been redesigned from the ground up to focus on how YOU communicate with your students, parents and fellow teachers.

- Teachers get a brand new home stream for sharing and discovering resources among your colleagues.
- All your classes organized into one space.
- Real-time Direct Messaging available for students and teachers!
- All-new Assignment Center that shows all your upcoming assignments and quizzes.

With Edmodo, you can reach every student in your class. Students can login and participate from any phone, tablet or computer, and can check assignments from within the app. Facilitate discussion within a single class group or browse topics for resources related to your subject.

Share and discover new lessons and resources across your school, district, or any of your teacher connections. Edmodo makes it easy for you to share anything on your phone with your connections. And the improved home stream means you can find dozens of educational resources for your classroom all at once.

EdTech Digest Award Winner – Best Product

For more information, visit www.edmodo.com.

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Abby Doxtater review Abby Doxtater
This program is an excellent program for people of all ages to use! Except, the Notification bell never goes off even if you don't have any new comments or post. Please fix this and it will get 5 stars. Although, I am I'm 6th grade, and this is a great way for me to communicate with all the other students in my class! Very helpful if you can't remember like what your homework is, questions, etc. Pretty good!
Jessica Duque review Jessica Duque
Love it
This app makes me keep on track of the work I have to do for class
Kennedy Dennis review Kennedy Dennis
It's nice, especially because most of my classes are technology based.
Wendy Clarke review Wendy Clarke
Being an adult student of a 'one evening a week course' this is an absolute God send! My tutor and other students from the class are available all in one place. And it's so easy to set up and use! Awesome idea! Why didn't they have this ten years ago?! Lol. Would've made studying alot easier and less stressful! :)
Mike Ting review Mike Ting
Should be able to tag people
If you could tag people then it would be a lot better. Please include that in the next update!
Vash Stampede review Vash Stampede
Not sure if this is intended, but....
I'm not sure if I supposed to get notifications whenever something is posted or not, but if i am, then there is a problem. I don't get ANY! I have to go into the app to make sure I don't miss anything, and when you're as forgetful as I am, you NEED notifications.
Bradley Liu review Bradley Liu
It's alright but both my classes I missed to put it in and now I'm trying to put the code in it won't work
Alasia Hamilton review Alasia Hamilton
I love this app because sometimes I get my hw off of here & other stuff
Colleen Heilsberg review Colleen Heilsberg
Can't do quizzes on app
I need my students to be able to use the app and complete quizzes on the app. Other than that I love everything about the website
Dicky Halim review Dicky Halim
Can't view the image attached
Why i can't view the image attached, it just wont load, i thought it might because the internet connection but i wait for hours it still wont load so i can not view any picture from my students. But, when i open it from ipad, all of the pictures shown nicely without problems at all. Please fix this. I realy eager to give 5 stars because this apps realy make teachers smile.
Doctor Sahil review Doctor Sahil
Awesome App which helps u to study catch up with Homework Cool!! basicly social media for students.
Eliza Morris review Eliza Morris
And the peep that said u didn't get notifications its because u need to turn on notifications
Maria Garcia review Maria Garcia
Its ok
I just don't like it because it is school related. But u should definetly download instead of using the website, it is way better and it let's u zoom in and out easily
Mo Salem review Mo Salem
This has really helped me keep up with my education!! ???
hannah dupuis review hannah dupuis
App is good but lacks many features
The app is useful to check anything added to my stream however you are unable to access many of the features that are on the website. This makes it difficult to do many of the things the teachers require.