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See how your child is doing in school—anytime, anywhere! Edmodo for Parents helps you stay on top of upcoming assignments, homework submissions, teacher announcements, and more. Now even the busiest moms and dads have a free, safe way to connect with their children’s classrooms, on the go and on their schedule.

With daily calendar and newsfeed features, this app lets parents:

- See what homework is upcoming or overdue
- Get notified when assignments are turned in
- Read and review teacher announcements
- View lesson, quiz, and event schedules
- Link all their children’s Edmodo accounts

Are you a teacher or student? Please use the “Edmodo” app, also available in the Google Play Store.

With millions of users around the world, Edmodo is the largest and fastest-growing education network. Winner of the 2013 EdTech Digest Award for Best Product, Edmodo is learning made social.

Questions? Visit support.edmodo.com and click “I’m a Parent.”

Edmodo for Parents APK reviews

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Ever Montoya review Ever Montoya
Cantón download
Jubmar Davis review Jubmar Davis
Pretty bad app
It's useless. Doesn't give you any valuable info
misbah adeel review misbah adeel
What is parent code let me know plz as a parent i want to sign up
Virender Sangha review Virender Sangha
Not enough information
I will stick to Web account
David Phillips review David Phillips
No new assignments posted. So, my child has had no assignments since Oct. 2014?
Lisa Davisson review Lisa Davisson
Shows me that there is an assignment, but cant click on it to see what it is. What good is that? I do better just looking at my kids' edmodo.
meg norrell review meg norrell
Would like to see it.
Have tried numerous times to download but it just continues to install and it's ran for over an hour without installing. I would love to see the app and use it for my children but I guess I'll have to try it another time.
Greg Dorrell review Greg Dorrell
Application Won't Open
Nexus 5 running 5.0.1 and the application won't even open.
Burn Badrobo review Burn Badrobo
I like it :P
Anthony Traverse review Anthony Traverse
I'm so happy that this app was created, allow me to keep track of child's school work. Wish that there was the ability to communicate directly with the teacher through this app. If there was one major upgrade, that would be it.
Nikia Travis review Nikia Travis
Digger Vaughn review Digger Vaughn
Outdated announcement and activity information
No current announcement activity. The last update for my daughter's class was December 14th.
Tiffany Johnson review Tiffany Johnson
I just love this
Tim Haley review Tim Haley
No message updates
App doesn't get classroom updates. So, my child's teacher uses edmodo primarily as a way to send messages to the students and allow students to do online submissions of their work. Apparently neither of those activities are included in the Parents application.
Paula Arrington review Paula Arrington
Sign in
No option or prompt "forgot password" or "recover password"