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Dolphin Video - Flash Player For Android
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Your video player cannot play Flash videos or other video formats? Tired of using video decoder to reformat video every time, when you just want to play Flash? Do you want to watch YouTube videos and free movies online, but your media player for android can only play local videos? If your answer is YES, Dolphin Video Player is the best choice for you!
With Dolphin Video, you can watch Live Streaming for TV, soccer, and other interesting events. Complete collection of on demand video for news, sinetron, soccer, horror, korean drama, TV shows, music, dangdut, latest songs, celeb gossip, funny videos and all other video genres for FREE.

?Great Features?
✔Flash Support
Dolphin Video Player for Android can plays all ultra high definition video (HD video) files including Flash (flv, swf). Relax and enjoy your favorite videos, free movies, TV shows, music clips, imax videos, game stream, sport’s live stream, TV series and any other kind of videos on your phone or watch it online. Most video formats are supported (Flash (flv, swf), avi, 3gp, mpeg, mp4, mpeg-ts, mpeg-4 sp, mpga, webm, mkv, m4a, wmv, rm, rmvb, mp3, ogg, m3u8, aac, m4v, wav, vob, mpg, tp, dat, asf, mov, etc.), so you do not need to look for a video decoder to reformat video.
✔Free, no duration limit
The app is completely free, as a media player, Dolphin Video can not only play high-definition videos, movies and flash files, but also play music.
✔Simple and convenient
You don’t need to install flash player to playback flash videos using Dolphin Video Player.
✔One Finger Control
Regulate volume, brightness or jump to any point in the video by swiping left/right or up/down on the screen. You also can rotate screen orientation while watching movies;
✔Smart File Manager
Dolphin Video Player will automatically identify all video files saved on your phone, so you can easily playback them;
✔Play Videos online
Just paste the URL of the video file you want to playback in to the search box and watch it online! You can watch streamed videos using our free video player as well;
✔Search Videos online
Enjoy watching videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Twitch, movie channel on Netflix and any other video website you like! Go browsing with the best media browser Dolphin!

Supported video formats
Flash (flv, swf), avi, 3gp, divx, mp4, mpeg-ts, mpeg-4 sp, mpga, webm, mkv, quicktime, h.263, h.264 avc, h.265 hevc, vp8, vp9, m4a, wmv, rmvb, mp3, ogg, m3u, m3u8, aac, m4v, wav, vob, mpg, tp, wpl, dat, asf, mov, etc.
If you found a video format, which wasn’t supported by Dolphin Video Player for android, but can be supported by any other video players, please send us feedback at [email protected] and we will try our best to fix it!

Supported Network Protocols
• HTTP/HTTPS progressive streaming
• HTTP/HTTPS live streaming

Dolphin Video Player is a free video player for Android, which developed by the Dolphin Browser Team. You also can use it with Dolphin Browser, the best media browser with extensive Flash support, Private Mode and the most customizable browsing experience on the market. We have already reached over 150 Million downloads on Android and iOS worldwide and are very happy to receive positive feedback from you every day. To get more Dolphin Add-ons please visit:

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If you are looking for a flash player for android or epic internet video player, Dolphin Video Player is the best choice for you!

Dolphin Video - Flash Player For Android APK reviews

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Migs Gonzalez review Migs Gonzalez
Only one that plays flash videos!
Spent forever trying out "all-in" video players that still couldn't play flash vids. Settled for using the dolphin browser with the obsolete adobe flash app just to get by.. until now!
Patti B review Patti B
Almost everything I clicked on said 'not supported'... My other apps similar to this one show the items and can be saved or downloaded. Why can't yours? The music quality is excellent and videos are clear but what's the point if we can't save any of it? My own videos can't be shared or saved and it crashes when I try to show on over devices.
manu bonobo review manu bonobo
As usual Dolphin™ products are so well conceived that I have no point to rise that comes upon this review. Working realy, and goes unnoticed,(so far) watching se*, on authorized yet sensitive aesthetics parphilia.??Καλώς Θέμα επιφανής δεμως.
puppykicker review puppykicker
just another video player... i guess it's ok that it goes right to youtube, which won't work on Dolphin Browser... oh, wait! my phone came with a youtube app! what do i need this for? can't figure out why i need another video player, seeing as how my phone came with one and i downloaded another that works great and is easy to use. VLC is the player you want.
Evan D. review Evan D.
What happened new to my bookmarks?
Used to have a bookmark after update no longer there. Good bye uninstalling
A Google user review A Google user
Stop wasting your time with Dolphin browser-IT DOES NOT PLAY FLASH VIDEO. If you want a flash browser that actually works the browser you need is PUFFIN BROWSER. The last update to Dolphin has removed the last of its useful features. Dolphin is now just a completely nondescript browser that is bloated and crashes constantly...... TIME TO MOVE ON.
Sheryl Cohen-Alexander review Sheryl Cohen-Alexander
Dead dolphin
This dolphin browser has lost its mind, add ons like jet pak don't work, the browser is so slow and then pages are aging like flash isn't working but I know it is, at least I think i .do. please fix your browser now
Cat Lady review Cat Lady
Downloaded it to do school work. It doesn't work. I was not able to view the different learning activities. A total waste of time!
Pat Smith review Pat Smith
Simply does not work reliably on my android tablet. Disappears at random and frequently will not take commands. It is faster, until you factor in re-starting after wrecks and frustration factor. Not ready for prime time.....
A Google user review A Google user
Although Dolfin Browser is very secure and private, I have discovered that is the very reason that a network of criminals are using it with fake ID's like Stitch-Up-Hack-Change Mr.Doctor.Records. and [email protected] etc. I believe The serious crime agency needs to look at the people using this browser. They will find'a wealth of intelligence, hiding criminals who are
Larry Tanksley review Larry Tanksley
Dolphin video-flash p!ayer
Finally got the true value from my tablet. Can't imagine how I would ever have been satisfied without it.
Moon Walker review Moon Walker
Video stuttering. This is unsuited for video playback!
S R Cool review S R Cool
This junk sodtware isn't working. You can't play flash content using Dolphin browser. So don't get your time wasted.
Best w Swf player ever, even non supporting flash player devices... Thank you so so so so much you don't know how much this app helped me thanks alot ... Great work.
Leila Cooper review Leila Cooper
Kept saying url not supported for every vid- was copied from the dolphin browser. After uninstalling it forced the dolphin browser open like a pop up. When I tried to close it, it froze my tablet and forced a restart.