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Dolphin Battery Saver
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Optimize your Dolphin Browser by saving battery, browsing faster, and protecting your browsing history.

Key features:
• Battery saver: save power and extend your smartphone’s battery life with ‘One Click Optimize’.
• Browse faster: improve your browsing speed by ending unnecessary background apps.
• Security manager: protect your browsing security by receiving a warning when on a website with untrusted Web of Trust (WOT) ratings. You can also view the WOT ratings of each page.

Dolphin Battery Saver is an exclusive Add-on for Dolphin Browser. For more Add-ons, visit:

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Dolphin Battery Saver APK reviews

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Natascha Addams review Natascha Addams
Has not been updated since 2012...we are now in almost mid 2015. I have general trust issues with this. :(
Will Simm review Will Simm
Gimmick to mine more of your data
Has more to do with phone settings then the browser.
Tyler Rogers review Tyler Rogers
Don't listen to those other bad reviews. I'm on lollipop and this app works amazing. It saves boatloads of battery and increases my charging speed.
John Cain review John Cain
It helps alot to not have to type words all the time.
Nor Siti Hasnah Nasiruddin review Nor Siti Hasnah Nasiruddin
Bateri saver
Boleh menjimatkn bateri dgn begitu berkesan....
Farhan Azali review Farhan Azali
I o y
Mama bama likey
Drew W review Drew W
No good
Makes browser unusable, cuts Internet connection for no reason
Air Vain Alisaca review Air Vain Alisaca
Good Application for saving Battery Power
toby dodd review toby dodd
Egg gg
Fgfhjv cc BBC Hugh
A Google User review A Google User
Dolphin saver.
,its a good!.
ar anand review ar anand
Good bestt
Better best best best
G arrett review G arrett
Great little app!
Helps save battery tremendously!
Bedford Nieves-Sanchez review Bedford Nieves-Sanchez
Botched my WiFi settings
Did not like the app. Keeps turning off the WiFi arbitrarily. Turning the WiFi off without taking into account other apps is not a good way to save battery life. Now it seems that my WiFi still turns off after a while, even after uninstalling the app. Also turns the sound off. Thanks a bunch.
Andrew Primeau review Andrew Primeau
Very good
I use this app constantly. My only complaint is that the notification says my cpu usage is high, but the app says memory use... Which is it?
Superb. Period.
First-class. This app makes a very marked and noticeable difference to the battle life, and hence usability, of my HTC One. By roughly 30-40%, I estimate.