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Dolphin Autofill by Fillr
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Filling out forms on your mobile is painful. Fillr for Dolphin is the world’s most accurate and intelligent autofill.
No more pinching and zooming, Fillr is fast and simple, helping you fill out forms at the tap of a button. With Fillr your profile data is securely PIN protected and only ever stored locally on your device, fully encrypted within the Fillr app.
Why would you download this app? Because you are tired of filling stuff out on your phone or tablet and you want a solution that’s both accurate and secure!
Think about it… transacting on a mobile device means small screens, tiny keyboards, navigating from field to field only to click on the wrong area and end up on another site... Not with Fillr! Fillr standardizes any mobile form into a format you can easily read and securely fill at the tap of a button.
We’ve also spent the time mapping millions of forms on the world’s most popular e-commerce platforms and biggest brands meaning uncanny accuracy is our starting point! Oh and if we get a form wrong… let us know… we will fix it to be perfect for the next time you visit!
As you fill out forms using Fillr your profile grows with you, making filling out forms in the future a breeze.
Filling out forms on your mobile with small screens and tiny keyboards is slow and tedious. Fillr protects you by always requesting a PIN and then completes mobile web forms instantly. Spend less time booking your holiday and more time enjoying it!
We cannot access your data. It is PIN protected and stored locally on your mobile device, out of the cloud, using military-grade 256-bit AES encryption.
You have multiple addresses, emails and credit cards. Fillr allows you to choose the right info at the right time to fill forms with accuracy.
When filling out forms, your info can be hard to remember or inaccessible. Your details are stored out of the cloud and only within your Fillr app, ready to use whenever you want.
If you hit a form that Fillr doesn’t fill correctly simply let us know and we will fix it for the next time you visit!
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Dolphin Autofill by Fillr is one of the most unique & free apps for Dolphin Browser. You can use it like an exclusive Add-on for Dolphin Browser, the best mobile browser with extensive Flash support, Private Mode and the most customizable browsing experience on the market. We have already reached over 150 Million downloads on Android and iOS worldwide and are very happy to receive positive feedback from you every day. To get more Dolphin Add-ons please visit:

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Dolphin Autofill by Fillr APK reviews

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Sydney Redd review Sydney Redd
Frustrated with dolphin
2nd 3rd party download dolphin is pushing. I didn't need this app before and now all of a sudden I do? No thank you. Switching to Google. I used to love Dolphin.
Michael Barnett review Michael Barnett
Really good
Works well so far.
Mark Smith review Mark Smith
Eric Fail
I ONLY installed it to rate it here. First it was the Translate.... now the Auto Fill. Why do you force add ons or have Relentless pop ups every time a text box appears? Do I really need to find another browser and delete dolphin altogether? I rated it. Now uninstalling this.... useless.
David K review David K
Can be useful
I do alot of Amazon online shopping.. Is there a way to autofill my credit card number? I tried to auto fill on the credit card page, but it only auto fill my credit card expiration date.. Is there a way to customize the date section where I can put any number I want? Thanks.
Larry Irwin review Larry Irwin
I'm tired of getting prompted to install
I'm tired of the constant prompts. I installed it but didn't set it up. Now I'm prompted to set it up when I open the browser. This in combination with the last app dolphin tried to force on us has convinced me to move to firefox or chrome. Once my bookmarks have been moved I'll be uninstalling dolphin for good
Chris Vydas review Chris Vydas
Fix integration w/dolphin
If you have "Always show address bar and menubar" selected the fillr bar gets covered by dolphin UI this breaks fillr and is unusable as a result. This setting is under settings>general>web content. Come on guys some basic beta testing should have addressed this. -ps Reply for developer: fillr does not work good with login data, I tried and fillr becomes broken in doing it. Also, login credentials is no more security risk than credit card numbers, stop making excuses please.
Venus Childress review Venus Childress
It might work great, but I wouldn't know. Every time I try to use it it either crashes or I receive a pop up telling me that it won't work unless I allow Google play service access to body vendors and camera. Google does NOT need to know my heart rate . I get the same message from Google mail.
A Google user review A Google user
Crashes as soon as I open it. Tried reinstalling, still crashes. This has been happening the past several weeks, I think right after a Samsung android update.
Aslam Nadiman review Aslam Nadiman
It does not automatically fill the fields as the page loads, and it fails to fill the username on the website I specifically installed it for. It is a 3 click process (many if you leave the pin feature on), while some other browsers are free of hassle to use and already built in. Also does not work without internet.
Kanny Dirby review Kanny Dirby
All around NOT a user friendly experience using their app or this browser "add-on". The UI is bland and overly simple. This makes it instantly confusing to a new user because there's no visual contrast between the form fields on a website and the fields to fill out in setting up this app. This also makes simply navigating through the few pages in the app settings difficult without losing your place. This app is majorally lacking the vital intricate options, settings and features needed to really be effective or useful in any way. There's no way to customize any of the key important information fields or way to choose which info is used on a field to field basis. This add-on app also doesn't operate smoothly or correctly most of the time. Not to mention, some of the positive ratings on the Play store for this and the Fillr standalone android app are clearly fake/bought since many often mention features not even close to what this app does (or is supposed to do) and most don't make any sense, deeming it untrustworthy and worthless.
Amanda Driggers review Amanda Driggers
No one will help me with this useless app, all my data was erased for no reason whatsoever. Ever time I put in info, it erases it. Uninstalling!
krispi review krispi
Confusing. I'm not sure what I do to make it work. I also don't know how it fills
sanjay sagar review sanjay sagar
How to import details from app to browser fields entry? No optoin available towhile typing..
Vasiliy Taranov review Vasiliy Taranov
Won't work without internet connection... So semi useful.
Erik Strack review Erik Strack
Didn't seem to let me fill arbitrary fields, I think.