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FROM THE MAKERS OF CSR RACING! Drag-strip legends from the last 60 years come to life in CSR Classics.

RACE OVER 50 OF THE GREATEST CARS EVER MADE including the Shelby Mustang GT500, Ford GT40, Plymouth Superbird and other classics models from BMW, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Mercedes, Plymouth, Pontiac, Shelby and more!

RESTORE YOUR RIDE and transform your cars from rusty unloved shells into gorgeous icons of driving!

CLASH OF THE TITANS! - Cobra vs. Mercedes 300 SL, Dodge Superbee vs. Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang vs. Skyline GT-R!

EASY TO PLAY, HARD TO MASTER - Play a quick race in a spare minute, or commit to topping the online leaderboards.


Take on the gangs that own the city and face off against the toughest drivers out there. Have you got what it takes to own the streets?

Requires 1GB of RAM and Android OS 4.0 and above.

Make sure you play with your device connected to the internet to gain access to the latest content and features, and to ensure that your profile is backed up.

PLEASE NOTE! CSR Classics is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money.

To prevent unauthorised purchases, select “Set or Change PIN” from the Google Play settings menu, create a PIN, then enable the “Use PIN for Purchases” option. You will then be required to enter your PIN before every transaction.

CSR Classics is published by NaturalMotion Games.

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CSR Classics APK reviews

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Khalid Bin Haider review Khalid Bin Haider
Best drag racing game for classic legendary cars from the 60s-70s
The best and the most addictive and fun drag racing game ever but you need to be patient in order to go through the next level and beat the bosses to get their cars. The choice of cars are really awesome and restoring from dirty junkyard piece of cars to beauty and perfection classic rides is awesome. I would give it a 5 star rating for graphics and gameplay but lately bugs and errors in the game have to be fixed and eliminate the auto login to google account to avoid restarting the game from the beginning
Oleg Solomonik review Oleg Solomonik
After downloading something over data connection lost all my progress. Uninstalling
Steve Walters review Steve Walters
I'll give it a 5 when my cars are left alone I stopped playing for couple hours start playing again and my gtx is no longer a level 5 engine or body it's been put back to a level 4 this has now happened on numerous occasions please fix this or I have to uninstall
mike morgan review mike morgan
Would be 5 stars, if they didnt try to cram ads to buy stuff down your neck.
Troy Manera review Troy Manera
Good game but would be great If the fuel didnt take so long to refill
Nathan Woods review Nathan Woods
Every time the girl pops up with a "deal on a car" I am just short of it. And WHY do I have to spend $3 on SUPER NITROUS to win the final race!
Gina Vee review Gina Vee
Awesome app
Would've given it 5 stars but the "download-for-gold" apps rarely pay like they're supposed to.
James Spurgeon review James Spurgeon
Nice game
Not as many controls but reminds me of the old Grand Turismo games on Playstation
Robert Hoftijzer review Robert Hoftijzer
This game is cool, but every time a message pops up telling me to restore, and always starts all over a gain
Kurtis Knight review Kurtis Knight
I love how I can buy new cars. One thing I have a problem with is I feel I don't get enough bang for my buck when it comes to spending money on this game. Plus I feel that if I spend gold in the game to purchase a decal it should have more of a bonus than what it currently grants. Other than that I love this game, I love all the cars and options there are for these cars.
Jerome Sec review Jerome Sec
Great game!!
This game is very good and accurate. The graphics are good, and the cars are even better!!
Jake Everett review Jake Everett
U have to wait to get more fuel or pay 2.99 a day fot unlimited fuel....kinda lame
Donavan Vierling review Donavan Vierling
Overpriced in app purchases
I'll spend a little money on a game but the prices in this one are not worth it I would like to see a remove adds thou
Donny Pearis review Donny Pearis
It is good to race classics like these (in a controlled environment). Good game to try.
Elmo Smiles review Elmo Smiles
Nice game, got a superbird in just one month sinceni started.