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Crazy Chef in Kitchen
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The chef wants to be one of the best in the world, so he decides to begin with practicing his skills of frying eggs in his kitchen. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds, he will fry 4 eggs at the same time, and one mistake will end this game.

It’s very easy to play: Touch the 4 circles at the bottom when they become green. The game will be over if you touch then when they are not in green color, or you don't touch then when they are in green color before the countdown to zero. Help the chef to fulfill his dream!

Crazy Chef in Kitchen APK reviews

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Anushka Shahid review Anushka Shahid
Too much fun
Kiran Das review Kiran Das
Kulsoom Gulsika review Kulsoom Gulsika
loved it
Makayla Blackshear review Makayla Blackshear
It's dumb
It is very very dumb
ToRoNTo PLay NoW!!! review ToRoNTo PLay NoW!!!
I want boxing no "ADK18"
Or "ADQ18"
Omolola Odunayo review Omolola Odunayo
So crazy
I find it useful its make's u expect on your keyboard I think... I enjoyed it.....
Asha Yarde review Asha Yarde
Good game
patel yashvi review patel yashvi
Gayatri Sayare review Gayatri Sayare
Sharanu Kada review Sharanu Kada
madiha idrees review madiha idrees
Molly Cogan review Molly Cogan
Crazy chef
You flip eggs against clock...
Swati JhunJhunwala review Swati JhunJhunwala
First time in Mumbai
No I don't like it
Lenie Quilala review Lenie Quilala
Love a little
Nice app
Chee Meng Chu review Chee Meng Chu
Amazing game
I love the game, very challenging.