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Automatic call recorder – the best phone call recorder for android.
Call Recorder is the best automatic call recorder app that enables you to automatic call recording to your Android device automatically.
Auto call recorder is your new choice for both side voice phone call recording.
Need the best solution for phone call recording on your Android device? Take control of your phone calls and choose callX, the best call recorder app in 2018 with beautiful and modern design in latest version. New version for 2018 is available.
Callrecording key features
- Records all Incoming and Outgoing voice calls during call
- Manual and auto call recording both side voice
- Choose between high quality hd MP3 and WAV audio formats
- Limit the amount of used space with advanced memory management
- Upload the call conversations to Dropbox or Google drive
- Play audio recorded conversations
- Recording filter option enables you to record all calls, contacts or only unknown numbers
- Auto call recorder for all your calls
- Playback through speaker or earpiece on your device
- Record incoming call
- Record Outgoing call
Share files:
- Dropbox
- Google Drive
- Whatsapp
- Viber
- Skype

- Shake to record, start call recording by simply shaking your device
- After call action menu which will appear after each call
- Record Incoming and record outgoing calls
- Records all your phone calls
- Play recorded audio
Callx has been tested against all Samsung Galaxy Devices including Samsung Galaxy S8, note 8, LG, Motorola, Sony Xperia c3 c5 , HTC, Huawei, j7 prime, xiaomi, j2, j7 max, Nokia, honor and jio 4g voice.
If you have any additional questions or suggestions about callX please send us an email to [email protected]
Thank you for using Automatic Call Recorder

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Call Recorder : Automatic Call Recorder - callX APK reviews

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fady farouk review fady farouk
very disappointed How can I restored the calls that had passed more than two months? cause of the old call lready deleted by callx prog. then I buy it in order to restore my important recored call but nothing happen.Pls. advise us, any body can help me ?
Jonathan D Anderson review Jonathan D Anderson
It use to work perfectly... Now for some reason it only saves a sound that loops or otherwise only records my side of a conversation.... I have no idea what happened to it but its dissapointing..
A Google User review A Google User
So far so good
Other calls are not recorded especially those that are made by the caller.
Jason Boxdell review Jason Boxdell
Not consistent
I don't understand what causes this app to work properly or to fluctuate. But it chooses on its own wich calls to record, both incoming and outgoing; this app is quite unreliable.
Zimmim Ahmed review Zimmim Ahmed
Something is wrong
this worked on oneplus one.. so i bought the premium version and now it doesnt record any calls!
Red Duster review Red Duster
Worked well for a few weeks
I purchased this App and all was fine for the first few weeks then it stooped auto transfer to cloud. I tried manual tracking send but neither worked. Sent email to developed a week ago and not had courtesy of a reply. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND TIME
Sin Ful review Sin Ful
Sometimes does not automatically register who the call is from even if the caller is in my contact list otherwise I'd give it a 5 star rating.
arash sadri review arash sadri
It's really good working in Samsung galaxy note 2
First i try free version i see it's very powerful application then i Bought the premium version it's very cheap prices. Thanks
wayne anderson review wayne anderson
Not recording anything
This app is not recording any of my calls. There is only a clicking sound on all my messages. Samsung Galaxy S5
Eduard Peshtmaljyan review Eduard Peshtmaljyan
Needs improvement
Can't change save location to SD card. Pop-up doesn't open navigate window and remains on "emulated" on my xperia z2 running lollipop. I even purchased the full version. Fix this and my 5 stars will be yours. Plus it would be great if you add a feature to hide files from music players. Phone recordings mixed up with music is very irritating and not cool in terms of privacy.
Martin Cloutier review Martin Cloutier
Does EXACTLY what I need it to do
Records all calls and allows you to save or email the recording. Even works on Bluetooth for me (though the volume is lower). Will pay for the premium update because it works so well on my Galaxy Note 4. Thanks!
Sidd Gould review Sidd Gould
Galaxy s5 doesn't seem to work properly
? All callers that call inare that not even blocked by their own phones and yet always says private caller and I know for a fact that the people calling me do not have their ID blocked?? In other words all calls coming in show private does not identify their phone numbers on my log of this app
Partne Daugherty review Partne Daugherty
It is Okay.
The app does not verify that you want to delete a conversation before deleting it. If you accidentally hit delete, there is no backup measure to ensure that is the intent of the user.
Jose Pelcastre review Jose Pelcastre
Doesn't record at all
Regular user of apps that do purposeful things, this one doesn't do anything at all.