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Super-Bright, Handy and Brightest flashlight with Multi LED! Your phone will shine as a real brightest flashlight by simply accessing your Camera LED Light. Super convenient when you need extra light in the dark! This torch is the brightest flashlight and most powerful flashlight you will ever have!

★ Brightest Flashlight Features: 

- Brightest Flashlight ever!
- Fast startup and quick response!
- Easy-to-Use Operation and Clear Design.
- Switch On/Off the Powerful Flashlight like a real torch.
- 9 Strobe/Blinking Modes like a military flashlight.
- Strobe flashlight & flash light with sensitive frequency controller.
- Stylish Screen Flash for Your Incoming Calls.
- Best Flashlight only accesses camera flash light.
- Simple Flash Light & Fast LED Light.

★ Brightest LED Flashlight Highlights: 

Handy Flashlight
Powerful flashlight comes in really handy when the power goes out. It turns your phone into a super bright flashlight in the fastest way and easiest tap. The brightest led flashlight can brighten up your darkness instantly. Flash light is a great torch download on your phone in case of any emergency. Super bright flashlight just like a regular torch light, simple flashlight and tiny flash light!

Brightest LED Flashlight
Brightest LED Flashlight can light up the dark by turning your phone into the bright led light. Strong and power light shines brightly like the real handy torch light. Bright flashlight always available in any situation when you need some extra light. Torch light free looks very cool and bright in the dark. 

Strobe Flashlight
Strobe Flashlight is very useful with 9 blinking modes as a tactical flashlight. Strobe flashlight is adjustable with sensitive led light frequency controller, blinking from 0 to 9. Flashlight free can be used for party, emergency and location track.

Best Flashlight
The best flashlight in the world you’ve ever used, extremely bright, provides you the best flashlight & the best user experience. Strongest Flashlight better than normal flashlights. You can see a long distance with this flashlight free. Powerful flashlight and quick response make the bright flashlight be at hand whenever needed.

Power light
Power flashlight app provides you the strongest brightness. It uses camera LED flash on Android device and turns your phone into a super bright & high powered flashlight. Multi LED Flashlight is ideal for dark corners as well for any emergency. Powerful flashlight can be switched on/off like using a real torch light.

Flashlight Widget
Flashlight widget can be added on your home screen. With the convenient flashlight widget, you can turn on/off the bright led light easily by pressing the button without entering the flashlight app interface. Torch app is super handy and convenient when you need power light.

Security Flashlight
Security Flashlight accesses the Camera LED flash only for bright flashlight without unnecessary permissions & personal information and data collections. Bright and strong flashlight is available with only 1 click.

★ With Brightest LED Flashlight, you can do:

+ Best Flashlight Lights up your night when power outage.
+ Find Your Keys in the Dark.
+ Read a Book at Night with powerful and bright flashlight.
+ Never miss Important Calls.
+ Take your puppy out for a walk at night.
+ Save yourself when in emergency with the strobe light.
+ Flashlight Free Lights the Way at night.
+ Change the Bubble or Repair Car at night.

Brightest LED Flashlight is the best led light in the world. The lighting is very strong and is very helpful in those times when you need some extra light. Don’t miss the BEST power light widget for Android! Download this Flashlight Free now!

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Brightest Flashlight - LED Light APK reviews

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Divinitiy Tjuhutiy review Divinitiy Tjuhutiy
Essential! Handy! Not optional! So, no room for error with this kind of app. This one's ALWAYS READY!
David Jared Albert Finver review David Jared Albert Finver
Works but kills battery
As a flashlight the thing is great. If I forget to kill the app it lags my cpu and drains my battery really fast.
hari kumar limbu review hari kumar limbu
Reliable and useful
This made me satisfied and happy. We can get multi light systems in one light thanks
Michael Kreush review Michael Kreush
Love it
The only access it needs is the camera. Not the network and memory that others need.
Angela Hayes review Angela Hayes
it comes in handy
I like this app because if you're looking for something in the middle of the night you don't have to turn the light on. I would recommend this app to my friends.
Tosiron Adegbija review Tosiron Adegbija
Works well
I got this one because it doesn't require any unnecessary permissions. Works pretty well.
Petrine Palmer review Petrine Palmer
Love it
That's app help me in may ways what would I do with out it smile
Sunny Colbert review Sunny Colbert
Great flashlight!
It works GREAT!! Easy to use and convenient!!
T Thompson review T Thompson
Nice light
I work in dark areas and the light is bright. I wish it had a wider range. The strobe feature is cool. All & all a good light.
Roxanne Millican review Roxanne Millican
Great flash light
Just if my darn bulb would work like it's supposed to
afandy bin sutrisno tanjung review afandy bin sutrisno tanjung
Galaxy note 2 (Tigra Rom)
Nice app!! Really helps me encounter unexpected dark! Thank you!
Mary Hill review Mary Hill
Flashlight app
Works great. Use it all the time. No wacky stuff:) Thanks!
Love it
I have the galaxy s5 and this flashlight app works amazingly! Sometimes I need like fast and the app turns right on very quickly and is very bright highly recommend!
Barry Oduor review Barry Oduor
Safari safe n bright
It just made my holiday safari walk so bright n clear I do love it alot, thanx to the guyz behind the invention.
Deovonta Harris review Deovonta Harris
Nice app
Now if da lights go out i can use this.