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Welcome to the future of travel. You’re a few taps away from a ride at your doorstep. Or, if you’d rather drive, the least expensive journey you’ve ever made.

Forget dragging your luggage to the bus stop. Forget transfers. Forget about breaking the bank for a weekend away.

With us, you just connect with someone nearby who’s going your way. Someone who wants to share the ride. So you can both save your time and money for what’s important.

Driving somewhere?
Share. Drive. Save.
• Publish your ride in seconds
• Decide who goes with you
• Enjoy the least expensive ride you’ve ever made

Want to go somewhere?
Book. Meet. Go.
• Search for a ride going anywhere you want to go
• Find the ride closest to you, maybe one leaving from just around the corner.
• Book a seat instantly or request a seat
• Get closer to where you want to go.
Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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Anna Pearson review Anna Pearson
Language option?
I really enjoyed the app but when I recently opened it up it had switched to Dutch (understandable as I'm based in NL). Unfortunately my Dutch isn't good enough to enjoy the app and can't seem to find an option to switch back to an English version? !
Marta Wydra review Marta Wydra
Language and currency change needed
There is desperate need in some upgrades. I travel a bit around Europe and I am not able to change language or update the currency. It is making it difficult to book the ride too. If the app cannot be fixed to interbational use then at least there should be individual versions of it so I could install 2 or 3 on my android.
bhanu prasad review bhanu prasad
Not opening
App is not opening. Showing locating your address message nothing else
Max Lehmann review Max Lehmann
It works, but is far from good
I'll just name some problems here... 1: Sometimes I don't get a notification when receiving a message. 2: There should be an option to give feedback, like the Skype offers it. 3: The app wants my location even though I already entered a city. Why would it need my location?
Athul udayan review Athul udayan
you know, some times we get free ride too !!! :)
Stuart Bramford review Stuart Bramford
It's OK but...
Have a blank notification bar constantly whenever I pull down my notification window. Also, whenever I go into the app it tells me I have a notification to read but there is nothing there. Just find it very irritating.
Victor Negrean review Victor Negrean
Good but not enough
The app needs localisation for currency and other things
Amit Gupta review Amit Gupta
App us full of Bugs. In India, currency is showing as Pounds while offered in Rs. Unable to create new offer rides, showing error all the time. Unable to view your own offer ride, always shows error...
Mohannad Eskif review Mohannad Eskif
Language dilemma!
Am I supposed to learn all the languages of the world?!! A language option must be added! !
Filippo Rossi review Filippo Rossi
Great app!
Fast, user friendly, lots of interesting options!
youssef Zeino review youssef Zeino
Still can't contact the passenger by sms or email
Beautiful and nice cr
But sometimes people don't fulfilling there promise' but great thank
Stef Swinnen review Stef Swinnen
No more long distances on my own
As someone who otherwise has to drive a lot of long distances alone, I almost consider this concept a blessing!
Manjunath Narayanappa review Manjunath Narayanappa
It is really good
It is really good.. it will not only save money for individual., it will save fule also
pavan kumar review pavan kumar
Good app, but still not yet got any co passengers team should concentrate more on advertising the app