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Battery Notifier Pro BT
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Custom colored status bar numbers to easily monitor battery levels
Battery alarm notifications with features and options not found in other apps
24 free HD add-on themes - Many bright add-on numbers for dim status bars

Help! I Can't Uninstall Your App!

Back in 2011when I co-developed Battery Notifier BT Free (Battery Notifier Big Text at the time) and Battery Notifier Pro BT with my programming partner, there was only one app with the name Battery Notifier which was created by my partner. Now there seems to be all kinds of apps with the name Battery Notifier in them. To be certain you have the original apps, with no ads whatsoever, only download them from Google Play, and make sure the developer is Shkil/larryvgs.

* Notification Priority option (Android 4.1 and up)
* 9 new HD add-on themes including Percent HD add-ons with the percent sign!
* Neon HD add-ons - Fuchsia, purple, yellow, orange or red from 100 to zero
* Animated charging icons - Easily confirm your charger is connected
* Roboto HD and bright ArialXL-b HD 4-color fonts included
* Display colors you want at the levels you want
* No Internet connection means least battery drain
* Charger connection and disconnection alerts
* Wireless charger support (Android 4.2 and up)

"Fantastic app" "powerful battery manager" "clean and simple user interface" "easy-to-use" "definitely worth your time and money" - AppEggs.Com (Editor's Pick)

Compare our battery alert features other apps can’t match…
* Custom full charge notification percentage (70% to 100%)
* Play sound notifications in a loop
* Quiet hours (Mute alarms at certain hours)
* Various vibration lengths
* LED notifications (supported devices)
* Mute alerts (Postpone alarms)
* Repeat intervals (Low and full battery alarms)

* Privacy concerns? - Only three permissions and no ads!
* Battery temp (C or F), health, and "plugged/unplugged since" info in dashboard
* All of the above and voltage in swipe down notification area
* 1% Motorola fix

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Help! I Can't Uninstall Your App!
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Bright & extra-large HD add-ons for brightest colors possible. 24 total HD add-ons with 50% higher resolution than our previous fonts.

Download in the app or use "bnbt" to search for add-ons in browser at Google Play.
Search for "bnbt" with these shortcuts, or combine with other shortcuts:
HD: hi
Extra-large: xl
Bright: br
Regular icons: md

Love to personalize, but don't want to drain your battery? Because we leave out some things, our app puts the least strain on your battery of any Android battery app. But with things you want, and features you'll use.
According to Androlib stats, now in the top 1% of ALL paid Android apps on Google Play!

Have a problem with Battery Notifier Pro BT 2.1.18?
See our most FAQ at:

If you can't find an answer there, e-mail us at [email protected] and we'll try to help.
Please be aware questions asked elsewhere might be overlooked.
(Please allow us time to respond as we are very busy these days.)

Battery Notifier Pro BT APK reviews

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Tye Sabin review Tye Sabin
Just bought the pro,well done dev ! great work
Joseph Cormier review Joseph Cormier
Fantastic App
For those that do not have a percent indicator.. This is the best one you are going to find. Low battery consumption to run this app.
jskr siva review jskr siva
Galaxy S3
update please
Stuart Mulligan review Stuart Mulligan
Brilliant. Love it.
James Bullaro review James Bullaro
Still is as good as the first install
I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note Pro tablet recently and I like this app enough that I have installed it on my tablet as well.
howl deedoo review howl deedoo
THE BEST OF THE BEST. Simply an outstanding app developer. Timely and helpful response to questions. All apps are elegantly simple and intuitive to use, well-thought-out, beautiful, gentle on battery and space, and they do exactly what they say they'll do. What's more, they require very, very few special permissions (none for the additional fonts) and have no ads. I wish all developers could be this in tune to what we're looking for. Thank you! 10 stars! (LG g3)
Tierre Jevon review Tierre Jevon
What's up with the permissions?
This app worked well for me in the past and I wanted to install the app again, but I'm not feeling the permissions. It didn't require any the last time I installed it, but it needs access to my media and storage now? Hell nah
Howard Lyttle review Howard Lyttle
Howard Lyttle
It does what it says on the tin. There are a few little extras to make the overall user experience a little better. Overall a good app and works fine with all the latest versions of android.
Ronnie Mackie review Ronnie Mackie
Great addition to SG Note 3.
Shashidar Holla review Shashidar Holla
Best battery notifier
Most of the time I pluggin the charger but I forget to switch on this app helps me notifying through vibration or sound each time I charge my mobile and then more interesting is I can set quite hours so that it doesn't notify when I am sleeping
A Google User review A Google User
Excellent App
Battery Notifier Pro is a no brainer.Don't waste your time downloading others.You've tried the rest,now go with the best
MR. G. review MR. G.
Galaxy Note 3...
Works great for me! I have used it a loooonngg time now. And I think it's great for what I want. Thank you.
Ligh Tracker review Ligh Tracker
Almost There
Paid version not as accurate as unpaid. For example, paid will read approximately 89 or 90% then after a brief time (say 4-5 minutes suddenly 100%) Did not have this glitch in unpaid. Android 4.03 on HTC EVO 3D. Great app.
Bill Squartino review Bill Squartino
Great looking status bar icons that I can actually SEE!
Stefano Nicoletti review Stefano Nicoletti
HTC-ONE M8 Rooted