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Battery Notifier BT Free
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Free basic version of Battery Notifier Pro BT with no ads!
Colored status bar numbers to easily monitor battery levels
Full and low battery alarm notification features

Help! I Can't Uninstall Your App!

Back in 2011when I co-developed Battery Notifier BT Free (Battery Notifier Big Text at the time) and Battery Notifier Pro BT with my programming partner, there was only one app with the name Battery Notifier which was created by my partner. Now there seems to be all kinds of apps with the name Battery Notifier in them. To be certain you have the original apps, with no ads whatsoever, only download them from Google Play and make sure the developer is Shkil/larryvgs.

Features in Battery Notifier BT Free...
* Arial font in official Android colors (optional black background)
* Original green color option (transparent icon only)
* Privacy concerns? Only three permissions and no ads!
* Low and Full battery alarms with repeat intervals
* Mute alerts (Postpone alarms)
* Battery temp (C or F), health, and "plugged/unplugged since" info in dashboard
* Charging icons - Smiley or battery level
* Full charge icons - Smiley with sunglasses or battery
* Display colors you want at the levels you want

Battery Notifier BT Free is one of the lightest apps available with a battery level indicator in the status bar that puts the least possible strain on your battery.

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Help! I Can't Uninstall Your App!
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Having a problem with Battery Notifier BT Free 2.1.15?
See our most Frequently Asked Questions at:

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Please be aware questions left in comments when rating the app or asked elsewhere might be overlooked.
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If you like Battery Notifier BT Free, please consider supporting the developers by purchasing Battery Notifier Pro BT. According to Androlib stats, now in the top 1% of ALL paid Android apps on Google Play!

Battery Notifier Pro BT has...
Largest variety of custom colored status bar numbers to easily monitor battery levels
Roboto HD and bright ArialXL-b HD fonts with optional black background included
Battery alarm notifications with features and options not found in other apps
Privacy concerns? Only three permissions and no ads!
24 FREE HD add-on themes with many bright add-on numbers for dim status bars

Features only in Battery Notifier Pro BT...
* 9 new HD add-on themes including Percent HD add-ons with the percent sign!
* Neon HD add-ons - All fuchsia, all purple, all yellow, all orange, all red from 100 to zero
* Animated charging icons

More features only in Battery Notifier Pro BT...
* Charger connection and disconnection alerts
* Wireless charger support (Android 4.2 and up)
* Notification Priority option (Android 4.1 and up)

"Fantastic app" "powerful battery manager" "clean and simple user interface" "easy-to-use" "definitely worth your time and money" - AppEggs.Com (Editor's Pick)

In Battery Notifier Pro BT...
* Custom full charge notification percentage (70% to 100%)
* Play sound notifications in a loop
* Quiet hours (Mute alarms at certain hours)
* Various vibration lengths
* LED notifications (supported devices only)

Battery Notifier BT Free APK reviews

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Steven C Miller review Steven C Miller
We have a winner.
I've tried many. This is easily the best at what it does. Colored status, very lightweight, and no ads. Will most likely show my support and upgrade, even if only for a bigger and brighter status bar.
Roy Seow review Roy Seow
Absolutely Awesome which........ Easy and user friendly with Gerat Results! Thank you BATTERY NOTIFIER BT FREE Dev & team member for this WONDERFUL FREE app.
Eric Martin review Eric Martin
Not bad at all
Not bad at all. the only problem I can see is it really does need a widget. also I wonder if it is still being supported as it has been more than a year at the time of this review since there was an update. If it had a widget it would not have to force itself on the notification bar. that is the only reason I did not give it 5 stars. samsung galaxy s4 and s6.
Pv Subramanian review Pv Subramanian
When ever I change the device my first appln from Pl store is battery notifier.nice one. Works well in s5 too.
Sharon Crosby review Sharon Crosby
Energy Saver
I got this mostly so I would know when my phone was done charging, instead of leaving it plugged in (sometimes for hours) longer than it needed to be and wasting energy. It does that very well with a notification sound of my choosing, plus has other nice features.
Andranius Rexus review Andranius Rexus
Accurate and simple to use
It does what it is supposed to do. Cool.
Radzuan Husin review Radzuan Husin
Simple & easy. Been using it for years and it's time to give it a credit. Would be perfect if it has an estimated time to a full charge. Other than that it is an excellent app. TQ
Meganathan Mega review Meganathan Mega
Good app... But in Lollipop,
When we are enabling the battery percentage notification,it should display only in status bar...but in notification screen also it's coming.. Give an option to remove that..
Christine Escalona review Christine Escalona
Battery Notifier B T Free
Notify with a song , start saving your battery today, with the best battery notifier around.
pradeep reddy review pradeep reddy
Very nice
It is a small app and also consumes very less memory in operating... It does the purpose
Michael Strehl review Michael Strehl
I'm very happy with the program! Does as described. I understand some people refuse to pay for apps, but in order to receive the full benefit, and to support the developers, paying a few dollars is good.
Haren Tahilramani review Haren Tahilramani
Good but needs many improvements
The apps good and used to work well with my earlier phone Samsung Galaxy Grand. The prime reason for downloading this app on my Lenovo Vibe X2 was for alarms on full or low battery, which although was working fine earlier, it has now stopped playing the alarm on full charging or low battery. I have checked n rechecked the settings. These are fine but still the alarm doesn't sound. Please do something about it guys... Otherwise the apps no good.
daisy barrett review daisy barrett
I use this app on both of my devices, and let me just say, this is one of the most useful apps you could ever use, the colors are great. My phone doesn't have a battery notifier so i needed one, and this one is the best.?✨??✨??
only way to the only heaven .Jh.ch3v16&John.ch14v6! review only way to the only heaven .Jh.ch3v16&John.ch14v6!
Dont work on lg optomus eleat dose work on zte awe junk phone only last 8 mouths ????Best i found unlick others iv recommended Actually 125 mb after install
Whish had talking noifcstions needs privitcy policy but farely safe to download
whispertread review whispertread
At last something that works!
Superb app. Works! Nicely light weight and not memory hungry. Fully informative. Tells you when battery is low. Lots of customized settings. No annoying pop ups. A well crafted and thoightfully designed bit of software. I would recommend it for smart phones or tablets.