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Be careful when downloading the game: you run the risk of escaping the real world for a long time to get completely absorbed in saving the Earth from the imminent threat!

We are happy to present our innovative game in the genre of Tower Defense inspired by the legendary Alien Shooter series! Here you will not just build towers to protect your territory, but will also get in charge of a platoon of elite warriors. Each one of them has their own field of specialization, unique features, as well as development possibilities. It is also possible to equip each class of warriors with weapons of your choice.

The attack is under way. The armed forces are mobilized. Violent battles are happening across the whole globe.
You are the commander of an elite warrior platoon and find yourself in the midst of large-scale war events, and your actions will determine whether blood-hungry monsters will destroy our planet, or if humanity will come out victorious!

The game was created in keeping with the best traditions of Sigma games, no concessions of any kind - everything is just like in real life!

• Totally real-life presentation of events – there is a limited munitions stock for each weapon, and it has to be replenished during combat.
• Play absolutely free, get daily supply crates that include ammunition, weapons, coins, and ammo.
• Your enemies’ dead bodies don’t disappear - wait to see what happens when you finish each level!
• Seven character classes with unique characteristics and development possibilities.
• Hundreds of types of weapons – equip your troops according to your personal gaming style.
• Any kind of weapon can be modified by expanding its basic features. You can disassemble it and get money, as well as auxiliary supplies.
• Send your troops to get training, so they can develop a variety of combat skills.
• By combining different kinds of forces, you can develop your own tactics needed to accomplish each mission.
• In a critical situation, you can use bombs land mines, as well as supply Drones that will momentarily replenish munitions stocks for all the combatants.

And, of course, in keeping with our traditions, there are unprecedented crowds of monsters, plenty of bloodshed and explosions, as well as many other things you would usually see when you play our games on your devices!

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Alien Shooter TD APK reviews

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Rob Smith review Rob Smith
Excellent so far, looking forward to more new stuff! Don't know how they handle the large crowds without lag, but it's great.
Amber Constantino review Amber Constantino
works nicely on my phone without glitches. It's pretty addictive if your into tower defense. It has its similarities. Ive always been big into over head games. Graphics could be better but who cares about that when you have good game play? :) definitely recommended. ZTE AXON 7
Lars CMB review Lars CMB
Bought all your games on steam some years back, happy to see you joined android :) you have good sence for making fun and fair games and this one is no exception. Thanks for making our lives more fun!!! *edit* im now at stage 21 and notised a somewhat big imbalance between, starting money, price for a soldier with better weapon, income to pay for ammo as ammo expenses increase fast with gun quality. All my guys are lvl 6-8 and they feel a bit overwhelmed. They also feel pinned down and stuck.first 4-5 stages was ok but the dificulty seem to raise very sharply each stage onwards until you reach a wall. Ill keep trying a day more. Thanks again for great game even if not perfectly balanced yet!
abhishek kudada review abhishek kudada
The game does not getting start and it stops at "THE WAR CONTINUES ". Please suggest what to do.
Michael Waldron review Michael Waldron
Fun game, keep on top of your Ammo consumption and you'll come out fine.
I was stuck on the screen when it says alien shooter
Romel Madlangbayan review Romel Madlangbayan
Great game!
5 stars because i like it. And if possible to please increase the starting money for the levels, so at least we can have some relax time destroying these aliens. Thanks for the game.
SO LO review SO LO
Great game !
Only had this game for a few days and it is so addictive and time consuming,nice graphics and it doesn't drain your battery either! :)
Max Tan review Max Tan
Good To game
It kept many hours on this game. Replaying as old game data in old Android gone...
issac threethreethree review issac threethreethree
Such a well made game,you can tell lots of love and dedication went into this.
Keeps you engaged and interested. I also kept making explosion sounds with my mouth.
Mark Chaney review Mark Chaney
Loved originals. Love this except..
What is there to say? This is Alien Shooter. Guns, fire, explosions, aliens, and blood. This is a commander view. Not doing the shooting this time. Guys please! We all want to get rich, but c'mon you can only play a few missions. I got to mission 6 on EZ before I needed to spend money to continue. Haven't even learned the game yet. I have no problem spending a reasonable amount but this is a blatant money grab. How much is a game worth? $100? lol no way. This is a really sad Playstore trend. Thanks Sigma
Rayza Theo review Rayza Theo
There's a bug where one or two aliens stopped right before the exit which makes it unavailable to finish the mission..
Matthew Sorge review Matthew Sorge
On 3rd level, plays well, good little time waster.
David Funk review David Funk
Okay time killer
Hesham Ahmed review Hesham Ahmed
Iam dissapointed..
the game gets harder very early and force you to purchase ... and i thought it would be like alien shooter 2 or zombie shooter 2 on pc... those games were something. i hope for a alien shooter2 for android soon.